An hour ago

i had my heart broken an hour ago

i cried for 40 minutes

i still feel the burning sensation in my chest

almost chocked on my own tears

love isn't beautiful

love is a tragedy.

It was our anniversary yesterday, 

happiest day this year

i had my heart broken an hour ago

This tears would probably never dry up

My chest would probably always hurt,

but this is the end of love for me

this is th...

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Is it wrong to say that i love these tears

hate my fears

and avoid all cares

does it make sense to say that i love you but i cant love you

Im too in love with these tears

Im too terrified of these fears

the warmth of these drops rolling down my cheeks

the warmth of your skin on mine

palm to palm

dusk to dawn.

i dont love you anymore,

My heart is too pure for you


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Have you ever been so sad it almost felt like

Have you ever felt like running away,escaping

escaping from your own skin, your own life?

your soul simply leaving your body

transcend into another life

a happier life,a perfect place.

she whispers in my ear

"run away with me, take a leap of the edge and
transcend with me, come dance with me,lets go to a
happy place, ...

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Today i woke up sad again

woke up feeling a bit hopeless

a bit lost.

Nothing is the way i want it,

the rain falls when i want the shine,

nothing is the way i imagined,

people arent dancing and singing in the streets

or maybe ive watched too many fairytales.

My life isnt going as planned,

They say slow and steady wins the race,

but im the biggest loser of them all.


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The poem of hypocrite

Been feeling like a hypocrite
Been feeling like a fool
Been loosing my self daily
Just because of you.
Been feeling so wicked
Cause of my many secrets
Needing someone to share
Needing someone to keep it
They all know I'm a lair
I know they can feel it
Messing with hearts, emotions and feelings
Meanwhile I'm giving him all the time so that he can mess with mine.
Scribbling and dragging ...

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Voices in my head(pt 1)


You dance with tears in your eyes

They dont see past your peircing lies

and as each one dies

so you continue to rise.

You're playing games

but you arent bothered by fame,

and as you dance in the flames

they cant understand the games you play.

Some nights you dance alone at night

with tears in your eyes,

no music playing

trying to keep your demons at bay


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Your touch is something i simply cant explain.

skin tight, skin deep, to close, i feel your breath all over me

Your warmth and moist is soaked up by my skin.

He cant take his eyes of me, Dont!

He runs his palms all over my skin, admiring all my imperfections.

As the water sowly falls, the night gets deeper,

i feel your lips on my areola

it provides such pleasure.

Youre ro...

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Lost entity pt 1

Lost in the world

the ways of the world are much better

much more fun,

Whats life without fun?

They dont know how wild you are

They dont see past the innocent smile.

You was lost

and beat up,

You were too wild

but you never hesitated to follow your desires,

you divided your soul from your spirit

and you could differtiate your mind from your conscience.

I can see...

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