Powermoves and Hope... Leaps above all : The story of one BBoy steps of hope. A Super BBoy who possess the power to fly, but all he wants to do is dance! A BBoy called Mickey.

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The @Facebook/DreamAcademy trying to persuade ,one not to believe in fickle dreams changing from moment to moment. No, theirs is a slightly more challenging Powermove , they came to restore the magic of the wonder found in every waking moment ,every step in the amazing footwork ,the flips and windmills etc all captured forever in the mind and heart of our magnificent, hauntingly creative , "too cool" BBoys, canvas to dance floor capturing every intense movement ,the slightest intake of breath,the passion,the rage and the sadness. Uniquely innovative in its escape mechanisms ,fluid even. Like white water rivers rage , its rapids Fearless , touches everything in its path as it flows over ,around and through me tempted to let go ,float away let the current take me where it wills. Eyes compelled drawn to the beautiful yet eerily familiar, images so real leap out at you, so literal you can almost see it dancing all around. Original of its Species; A BBoys Mural. Breaking boundaries, merging performance Art,contemporary art ,literary art and a imagination fit for hollywood. Best Described as Surreal, however deeply conflicted, personally I believe it depicts a most authentic representation of Art in Motion ,it also reflects the earth ,a reminder that whatever happens we will keep going just like the earth keeps spinning ironically when an artists commits something to the canvas admittedly regardless of the subject ,he stopped time inside that piece. Nothing before or after only that very specific time Laying it out all on that floor , laying flat on your back , legs eagle spread and the kind of peace felt only after a battle was well fought drifting off ..a thought crosses my mind , a feeling a new sense of purpose fills me up as I think "when art is created it stops timeAs it is viewed bought snd sold shown publicy for centuries snd time passes by...take a look a painting or an old photograph...,memories stored, faces ageless ..truth ; Art in, any form or medium is timeless"

I ask @facebook/YoungDreamersAcademy Are these the only dancers in the academy because that is what it seems like . if you are a legitimate academy you give all your students equal recognition and I guarantee people will visit your page . your lack of exposure for these kids some of which are brilliant , champions even yet I was shocked to discover they have no social media presence. as this is your industry I'm sure you are aware that in order to pull in sponsors and individual endorsements benefactors must have an idea of who they investing in, the futures they helping to build . it is quite disturbing that it took frustratingly long to find any page relating to any dancer other than the same faces in all 3000 pics , ,pics that doesn't even show dancing. Instead u should be building media profiles for your dancers who actually plan on pursuing a career in dance and who will need all their accolades and events they participated in as a resume. You only using Facebook but you can create individual profiles within your page for your serious competitive dancers with all their events past and future and stats or results . Relevant pics showing dance moves and videos. Upcoming comps etc. When sponsorship is needed you have to be prepared to divulge this information on a public platform. Confirm that you are a non-profit org . With a mission to save as many kids, through dance. Offering them alternate options..if they choose, an actual chance at a real life. Emphasize That your dancers mostly Youth at risk or of modest means require sponsorships maybe some endorsements , and your academy , with a personal benefactor or two support and backing, there would be no limit to number of lives you would change. It would be miraculous to witness. You cannot depend on last minute fund-raising. Its outdated not to mention total chaos and complete gamble with no guarantee that it will happen. Be Fierce splash it so boldly across your page , 100% transparent making our visibility unable to miss. this will enable you to enter your kids in more comps ,make comfortable transport ,accomodation arrangements . Maybe even your costumes will be sponsored . It probably doesn't mean anything to you but to the world you have to dress the part to be taken seriously. What you doing is good work keeping the kids off the street and alive. With the right exposure people will give,its for a wonderful cause.. Also keep in mind its all fun when the kids are little but endorsements and scholarships make a huge difference to that kid who wants to study dance and make it a career. Hopefully you are telling them that they can't just dance hip hop or be a BBoy . They need to learn other forms if they ever hope to compete in really big comps . Surely you don't expect them to stay at the academy all their lives. Try to remember your academy is not responsible for one prima ballerina but a whole group of kids making the choice everyday to dance and that alone in my book deserves recognition! So I salute you and I Thank u. You really need to market your academy and dancers better especially before competitions. Try linking your facebook page to a google+ accounts that way ppl will be alerted whenever events are approaching. Post You tube vids named correctly. A little friendly advice: more members = public interest = sponsors and Voila. #justSaying SS


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