Lost entity pt 1

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Lost in the world

the ways of the world are much better

much more fun,

Whats life without fun?

They dont know how wild you are

They dont see past the innocent smile.

You was lost

and beat up,

You were too wild

but you never hesitated to follow your desires,

you divided your soul from your spirit

and you could differtiate your mind from your conscience.

I can see you've been hurt, beat down and dissapionted,

nobody to pull you up from the dirt but you

i found you all alone

dancing in the darkness

nobody knows what you are

dancing alone in the darkness

with flames in your heart,

passion in your eyes,

you're too good to be true.

I was also lost and beat up 

but you pulled me up,

and said i was just like you

you said I would be fine,

i would follow your lead

and in my fragile mind

you implanted your seed.

You continue to show me what the world is

and soon i'll have to decide my own path.

When my mind began to cloud

i began thinking out loud.

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Anthony Coviello

Fri 18th Aug 2017 20:26

thinking out loud!!!

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Thu 17th Aug 2017 19:00

love this.

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David Taylor-Jones

Thu 17th Aug 2017 17:13

I love the feeling of this and particularly 'dancing alone in the dark'.

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