Berries big as thumbs

surprise me on a sunny day.

They've come too soon, haven't they?           

I thought that they'd be later.

I'm pretty sure that blackberries

ripen in the autumn, not the summer.

But I pick them anyway,

delighted with the find


then buckle from a sideways swipe

that death as big as life

surprised me on a sunny day too.


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◄ True Colours (with apologies to Cyndi)

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Laura Taylor

Wed 23rd Aug 2017 09:55

Many thanks Ray and David

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 22nd Aug 2017 22:05

Everything everyone else said Laura, then-some.


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Tue 22nd Aug 2017 17:59

Life is full of surprises Laura, and death is one of them . Between the two we're cornered it seems to me. This really packs a lovely punch and shows your scope for deep feeling! Nice stuff. Ray

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Laura Taylor

Tue 22nd Aug 2017 09:32

Thanks both.

Colin - I had to look up Lladro. Reminds me of my Nan, that sort of stuff. Awwr, well I hope your Mum has a long time in front of her yet. Yes, the swipes. They've started making several appearances now. I have also put out some bird food 😃

Thanks Paul x

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Paul Waring

Mon 21st Aug 2017 22:02

I sense something very poignant here Laura, beautifully described.

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Colin Hill

Mon 21st Aug 2017 19:44

I was having just the same conversation with my mum last week - about blackberries not death - seems like everything has given up waiting for summer and gone straight to autumn. Even had to put the heating on for her - in mid-August! Tbh there was quite a lot of talk about death too, mainly along the lines of who wants what, ornaments wise. She is developing a red and blue sticker allocation system for me and my brother so come the day we will be turning over the Lladro to find out who gets what lol.

I liked this poem Laura, especially the sideways swipe in the last three lines - funny how that can happen, quite unexpectedly, without warning. On a brighter note, I made a new peanut bird feeder today. The woodpeckers will be happy.

All the best,

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