Privately Poetic

Say these words aloud?

Never would I dare.

I closed my eyes

imagining that you were standing there.

I wrote down words of passion

and words that set me free.

I hoped for what could happen

though we could never be.

But on my notebook pages

I am free to roam.

You are here with me

and I am not alone.

I feel you take my hand 

and hold it ever tight

In my world of poetry 

there is no wrong or right.

And with this newfound freedom 

I take your hand in mine.

I get a kind of courage

and leave the past behind.

If I may never touch you 

or see your face again,

my love has no conditions 

when I pick up the pen.

◄ Summer Rain

Bluebird ►


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terry l shuff

Sat 16th Sep 2017 20:54

Yes thats the spirit Lyrical, a poets pen is their freedom. we can read our poems anytime, even poets hundreds of years ago.speak to us. its our world, many will never know, or understand. The ones that do are welcome

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lynn hahn

Wed 30th Aug 2017 05:26

OH I just love your poem. I am in the same place. We can't always be with the one we love. There are parts of them that are poison for us. But their sunshine can keep us warm in our thoughts and in our words. Leave the clouds behind.

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