Stand up

Stand up


Stand up and be counted

acquiesce and a part of one is lost

Be bold and take heart

courage is a noble quality

It rests in the conscience

pure and untainted

Speak out, loud and clear

let those already sold hear

You may be in a minority

but at least you will possess integrity

Fear is destructive and infectious

valour is pure and cleansing

Stand up against those those who are close

your reputation and stature are at stake

Challenge and take issue

never cave in or give way

A voice in the wilderness is clearly heard

a lonely voice but spoken with authority

Stand up, speak out, let them hear

let others be the victims of fear

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keith jeffries

Sun 13th Aug 2017 11:55

Ray, thank you also for your comment. In today´s world we need the courage of our convictions otherwise we go under. Keith

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keith jeffries

Sun 13th Aug 2017 11:54

Kevin, Thanks for this. It is exactly what I would expect from a person such as yourself. We stand together. Keith

kJ Walker

Sun 13th Aug 2017 11:36

Hi Keith, in the past I've been all to quick to "stand up" when I've seen something that isn't right. you'd expect that others around you would back you up, when you do so. unfortunately this isn't always the case, and I've suffered threats against myself, my family and property. all for doing the right thing.
I still stand up when I see injustice, but I must confess I'm a little more cautious these days.
that said, I still agree with what you say, I just wish that more people were willing to do the same.


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Fri 11th Aug 2017 17:03

Hi Keith, sometimes you need a kick up the ass before you realize how important it is to maintain one's own voice when in the minority. To be walked all over is often traded for uneasy peace.

Nice sentiment. Ray

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Fri 11th Aug 2017 16:21

Hi Keith, I couldn't agree more.

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