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Do.RoThy on Oops....I forgot the title of this poemūüėí (11 hours ago)

Restless Inner Solitude

Restless Inner Solitude


Alone amongst others

lost in a crowd

alienated without choice

friendless with no voice

killing time alone

a desire to speak

an inability to do so

cocooned in a crowd

self imposed exile

inner repression

detached from humanity

seeing but not speaking

but why?

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Also by keith jeffries:

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for those who are about to rise we salute you!

entry picture

No blowhole fountain

as yet.

No rolling hump

followed by a black

hang-glider sized fin

for the moment

Nothing is rising

to corrugate the still waters.




like a sparkler spluttering into life

a sudden crackling voice on the radio breaks the monotonous silence.


There is a gruff reply from our maritime guide as he takes down

nautical directions a...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

if and when drugs are legalised | local trespassers will be ignorantly prosecuted | bonfire of the insanities | deaths volunteers | riddance | poor payback for a soul soldier | members of the Great War casualty club |

Passchendaele (RE-POST)

entry picture


[Here's a poem I originally blogged in 2014 with a link to the audio I produced for it on Soundcloud - it is a collection of 8 haikus]


Blind, wide open, eyes.

Dripping poppy petal tears.

Crimson rivers flow.


Fields transformed to mud.

Deep cut trenches scar the earth.

Wounds that will not heal.


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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Next Years Model |



You work so hard

to woo me

Once I surrender

you become less tender

Your fingers forget

my number

Contacting me encumbers


It's a dance that needs

to come to an end

So I can begin

my new life

No longer a wife

I need a new man

To hold my hand

and lay next to me in my bed

Bodies warm with slumber

Both of us under

Each others spell


By Ly...

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Also by lynn hahn:


I Love, I Am, I Feel

I love

The forgetfulness that comes from
Speed-floating towards nothing near
The quaint line of yellow to blue;
Rippling with the current that flops
My lop side boat; tops and turvey.


I am

Swallowed by the sea of blue/green,

I feel


My scraggly strands tightly knitting
Themselves in knots of two and three,
The sun crawling slow on pink flesh,
And salty crisp; coating...

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Also by Michaela Sheldon:

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My hands are patterned by ambitions,

these lines on my skin are wishes,

palms marked like the sky after a shooting star

and shining when they interlace with your fingers,

your skin's wrinkles and crinkles.

The crevices of our skin do not match or meet

the way coloured paths on a map synchronise and intercross,

reaching destinations.

We are separate pieces of meat



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Who are you pointing at; with your twisted finger

and your meely mouth

And what gives you the right to rule our roost

When we are the youth of tomorrow and you the death of yesterday

Go with your hate and go with your crooked smile

For you  will walk the stone strewn miles

Whilst we will stagger but rise     -      eventually


Safe are stars; but we are here

And warrior...

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entry picture

A simple sorry makes a strong person cry 
I hope this is enough to forgive me 
Wherever you are 
Whatever you do 
I hope my sorry can catch you 
And bring you back 
With your love still, mine and true

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Also by MGSet:

The Cycle of Love | The Cycle of Love | Wishes | OUT of | Hoping |


I've shed my skin a million times

Sloughing off the dead cells

Standing in a snowstorm of

Flake and dust

But every new skin appears the same

Same thoughts

Same emotions

Same old conditioned behaviours

Where is my new beginning?

Where is the skin that wears

It's heart on the outside?

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Also by Hazel ettridge:

Navel gazing |

Love Can...

Love is such a funny thing.

It can 




But if can also give you the greatest fulfillment ever

It can




until 6 am

But it can also be the thing that lets you sleep at night 

It can




But it can also help you grow as a person. 

And now im laying


600 miles


But all I can think about is



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purchasing gratification

of most everyday thingymabobs and doodahs

my knowledge is  reasonably secure.


I can relax a little

and concentrate on the new up and coming


my capabilities

surround lithe young solutions


surgical tools for the wounds of queuing disreparations 

begging for life saving stitches.


But I must get my new houses in order

priorities need reshuffling



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wintering irredeemabilities | one of those dark days | a discussion below | what is that peripheral something? | revamped | followers of the flautist | skiffle | waterdrops | switch flicking | AA | Rising on a Summers day | not according to the rules |

Tall Tree Tanka

Tall Tree Tanka



too many enjoy trying

to fell tall trees

when they should be hugged.

We need to learn to look up.



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2014


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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

Lotto Life | Bullshitting? |



entry picture











He's the sinner's Savior, He's God's Son

His goodness is limitless, His life is matchless

He's incomprehensible, He's indescribable

The grave couldn't hold Him, but he can hold you.

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Parody of Achy Breaky Heart | The Price of Freedom (much longer version) | Anxiety, My Companion (a daily struggle) |



Silent stood time,
when you came to mind.
Pure delight it sought, 
in each and every thought.
Talks of ours will be cherished,
for I will never let it go perished.
Admiring our words with such amaze,
laughing about our selves like craze.
Cheered each other all the while,
till we got back our forgotten smile. 
Became friends unnoticed by all,
cocooned our hearts with a pious love shawl.

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Also by Ameya.:

Unmoving | Noshes greed | Desolated desert rose | Saporem vitae | Waltzing towards my grave | Pretense | Why would it matter | Costume |



like hermit crabs out of their shells

they came, all pink and personal

blinking in the freedom of light

they looked around

not over their shoulder

slightly wiser

and slightly older. 

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Also by ray pool:


oh no! he's behind you-again!

entry picture

in order to keep face paint glamoured hordes

of seat edged excitedly screaming kids entertained

it has been financially neccessary

to sometimes by  skin of  theatrical teeth

take on lamb from mutton 

shabbily costumed and pathetically disguised

faded but still full of themselves no marque celebrities

who think they can revive their dead ratings and flagging bank accounts.



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Also by Rose Casserley:

his own foot shooting | for a good times and bad times friend | a spook peddler comes to call | love birds | a poem about the beginnings of a poem | best kind of demonstration | cuckoo'ing concoctions | alfresco alternatives to superficial infirmatives | a boosting of sagging self esteem (for Loz T. and Cynth B.T.) | dismantlers | my terrible torsos last tango | a foreboding left behind | for the isolated | recalling rebelliousness | oral torture |


I fear I am breaking

Something inside me swells

and cracks

Tears and harsh words

drip through my seems

I do not recognize parts of myself

Though plenty of effort and resources

have gone into repair,

wholeness seems more foreign

than destruction

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There are those who will -.

Because they must -

Call it love

When meeting lust.






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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Hoover Damn

Hoover Damn

Got boxes and boxes of dust
I'd like to throw them out
Turn them into cement
Build something permanent

Pillows full of feathers 
Those microorganisms
Beautiful but
Don't stick them in your mouth

Rearranging the past
So it can make sense
It's temporary 
I can live with it

Rearranging the past
'Til there's nothing left
No one wants my stuff
I just get over it

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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The Tug of Depression

entry picture

The tug of depression
It was always there
It's my greates lesson
That life wasn't mean to be fair
It's the shackles on my legs
The clouds over my head
It's the dead of the night
Never far from sight
It's the weight holding me down
Turning the smile into a frown
It's the whiskey I didn't need
Making me think I'm free
It's my monotone life
Making me scared of the highs
It's the prison ...

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Also by Regan Roberts:

Drinking Life Away | Frustration and Boredom | The Gentrification Scheme 2017 |


Black Boy Jerome

Black Boy Jerome
walking stop, walking stop, closed park nest
insecticide guttered blood lumps
realtor biting torchlight, thicker dollar pile rate rat room
squat sleeping, leaning broom, dirt bridge
ate pigeon error Wednesday
Ma note sticks about Black Boy’s bridge’s lynching arcs
shining knotted ironwork, rogue’s gum
waning bridge appeal, twists, turns, joints, worn rust
move on Winter

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Also by Paul Welsh:

Smell Filthy |

Beat PoetrypoempoetryRaceUS Civil Rights Movement

Mona Lisa

entry picture

Waiting for love is discouraging.

A tedious and tiresome act.

I give in to temporary fixes

and take my own promises back.

I give each toad a chance

and before goodbye, a kiss.

The little girl I've always been 

looks back in hopes of a prince.

Though, all have not come rugged 

and many have had style.

I've given out sweet gestures

and Mona Lisa smiles.

All the wh...

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Also by Lyrical Lexa:

Scorpio |

burden of doubt

I can never go back to his heart

until every single second of its damaging effect on mine

has bled from my memory.


I am near bereft of the desire

to look anymore at his version of love

through the only torn rag curtained bleak window

he has to offer.


Having to endure another beginning of the old

another carrying of my sorrowful luggage

to the waiting train to ...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

uplifted | far edge of summer | eye language | sullied | clearly unclear | with love and thanks | after summing up | dream messenger | calendrical menu |

Wisdom Teeth

entry picture


Get out of mouth now.

This is not yours.

You keep prodding at my gums, don't you get it?


They're sensitive.

I don't floss. 


I can see you past the surgical mask, behind the goggles that you keep foggy with a steam of egotistical pomposity. 

You're framed by a white room, white clothes, white breaths, because everything inside of that is dirty.


A living cavi...

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Also by Connor Lannes:

Ringling Brothers | Daisy Chains |

Connor LannesCorruptionDentalNovocaineTeeth

looking backward (a sign during the day)

night is a stranger that

shouts the door down


and revisits me on an

evening news rerun and

black ticker tape flash

stuck on infinite loop--


a crisis of light that

peels back to reveal

only a dark tower sky...


looking into its sundial

shadow I am reminded


quickly of the time and

that mine will always be

considered a land apart.

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Also by elPintor:

paths home | gulf | slip | invictus | ripple (limits of human perception) |


entry picture

Trust Buddha,

Trust Jesus,

thoughts are the one,

creating your genesis.

Be good,

like a robinhood,

then who can stop you,

from growing in the hood.

Embrace your life,

like your wife,

and you will be cutting,

all agony with a knife!

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Wilderness 2001, 2021

You see

            a land wraithed in smoke and the stink of death

You feel

            man's determination dulled by desperation and

            the hollow, guilty hope that the creeping fate might end

            at a neighbour's door.

You cannot farm in the present

At least not in Wales.

The hills were silent memorials to herds brought low,

Uncropped: a tragedy of gr...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

The Consultant (Revelation, first draft) | Revelation |

BrexitCattleCymruEUEuropeFarmingfoot-and-mouthHill farminghillsLandSheepWales


entry picture

Note to self by Lyrical Inebriality


Emotion. What is it but a mere feeling that we can control?
Or is it a corroborated sentiment thats embedded in your soul?
To me its a parasite, eager to corrupt the mind,
Keeping you away from what your heart yearns to find.

In order to move forward you must accept your past...
Its ok to make mistakes, its ok that it didnt last..

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Also by lyricalinebriality:


there is an ocean behind your eyes

last night i dreamt that you served me

and my children, in a restaurant in the city.

that as you placed our steaming food on the table

you smiled a sweet malaise and caught my eye

for just an instant, but there were oceans in

that quick glance, the churning of a

thousand regrets. how you longed for

the children that sat beside me, for

stretched skin, teary eyes and tempers.


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Also by Stuart Buck:

the guns, they rain on everyone |

Mountain flower

I was walking pushing my soul into the floor when i seen a flower something ive seen many times before

It was gorgeous a true beauty to behold 

And innocent much like me when i was 10 years old 

Its petals were like mirrors reflecting the truths and the past 

Its leaves were so well concealed they were one with the grass

But there was one thing oh so unique 

The center of the flo...

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donefinishedhurtobliviousplain sight

M'am your poem is served

I love you for your quiet confidence that screams reverence

I love you for the courage of you convictions.

For your wayward eyelids as they flap like chrysalis wings.

You make the others look like forgotten minions.

A sense of purpose lurks in the lithe abandon of your walk,

full lips smirking at fate.

I love the triumph of your uninhibited temper

as you make men rattle at the...

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Also by Chakraj:

She blows hot, blows cold | To my Angel who waits |

Suffering Long Term

Why do we do it . Who is there to Care . Women do it for all reasons . Unable to share because they have to care . We suffer with pains Unimaginable . Don't make a fuss . The pain will go away . Have Inplanted you with something to help you . It's needed don't worry just do it . So why are so many women suffering . If the side affects Are known . And why take so long to admit it . A Mesh causing l...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

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Help is needed


Awaiting my lover to rejoice in my arms
As the heart beats faster and a slight twinge in loin
The excitement of night, of pulsation of groin
As the moments linger to nervousness of charms

Will you be delicious as I remember you?
With a welcoming smile to chase away nightmares
And savour popsicle with the seducing shares
That only you know how in the moments anew

I close my eyes to see ...

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Also by Louis Audet:

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I never been true to others
Never been so honest to myself

Sometimes shows more than what I am 
Sometimes shows lesser than what I am
But never shows equal on what truly am I

Never been so disappointed on what I am
Just wanted to show others what I can

Not showing what you truly are is not being dishonest
It's just that you want privacy
Privacy that you can want what you wanted to b...

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Twinkly twinkle little book

Twinkle twinkle little book,

How you hook,

Your readers so.


Tell my friends how much you mean

I hear some favorites for me


Twinkle twinkle little book

Look forward to see you in my nook.

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Then I loved you

Tender are the lights that burn,
To the turning of your love,
Come by my way for the thinking,
Indeed to your thinking about,
Softness of a special touch.

Darkness was too busy then,
So you found me instead,
We knew this wasn't to be,
Just a quick kiss of lips red,
But a first last dance of such.

Time ticks to the beat of our hearts,
We intertwine souls once apart,
Now together str...

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Growing up, life teaches you lessons.  The

More you experience, the more lessons

You learn, and this shapes your world view.  Lessons

Form your outlook, changing your personal


Perspective, as you gaze out, over your

Future, an ever-shortening view.  That

Future, the landscape of life, appeared bleak,

Featureless and hostile.  Preferring not


To look, understanding ...

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I guess I was the special one,

My end was quick and painless,

But now im gone you've claimed your done,

You made me feel so worthless.


I wondered why you stuck with me for so long,

Just to watch my eyes grow cold,

But whilst im gone you can sing your song,

You can pretend to act like your bold.


You cut all of us out like heavy duty removers,

I hope all the othe...

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Also by Rhianna Blake:

Child's play |

Beauty abloom

entry picture

Beauty abloom

-kishore karunik


I am waiting eagerly for a bloom dawn

Everything will glow red all around

There be no choose and malice

We will hear twittering of the birds loitering

Sound of human beings

Every day I awake and see killing, murder,

 Disorder and terrorism

Derailed boys will call me coward,

No power to reunify

No importance of their words


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Eyes they come in all shapes, sizes and colors

But i've never seen anything quiet like yours

I've stared many in search sincerity

But I've never seen anything quiet like yours

The way they glisten in the sun when you smirk

I've never seen anything quiet like yours

The way they change shades when you're angry

I've never seen anything quiet like yours

The way they soften when...

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Also by Pao Oli:

Walls |


So close

Yet so far away

All at the same time


So lonely

Yet so surrounded by love

All at the same time


So confused

Yet so clear

All at the same time


Close these gaps

Yet mend the lines

All at the same time

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Also by Maxine:

Polarity | lip service |

La La Land - some years later - the act

Their hands touched and the room stood still

Genuinely, completely stood dead still

He held her hands tight across the table

Wanting to shout out but he wasn't able

Wanting to shout she's the one I love

Tearing down values he'd long understood 

Life is for living with no holding back

Only truly experienced with love in full flame

Not playing the margins in some fake game


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Also by IanQ:

La La Land - some years later | Big leggy |



entry picture

Vertices iv

Jan folded the letter
her finger formed an edge.

She looked up-
somebody was explaining functionality:

Platonic solids.

She stared:
the new argument was written
on the white board-

she returned to the letter-
another fold
another plain


The diagrams explaining.
His words revealing

vertices missed;
he to the point.

Words realigned.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Hermione's sly wink |

The Hearse

The hearse moved slowly
Like a shining silver wraith
Gliding through the summer scene
Along the road from Manningtree.

The coffin carried at the rear
Dressed with bunch of lillies,
Bore its dead with dignity
Upon their final journey.

Following the river's edge
Alongside bright green grassy verge
Over-hung with agèd trees
Seeing all from up on high.

The tidal river full and flat

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Also by Richard Hartley:

The Rose | The Last Train | Deo Gratias | Embers |

Internet Insanity!

 I visited my cousins in Russia

One summer vacation day,

And my conclusions during my stay

Turned out to be more than I could say.


What happened?


Older cousin surfs on laptop

Younger did that and ipod games too

Sister sticks to ginormous ipad

I skim online webs in hullabaloo!


What’s happening?!


Day after day, hour after hour

We’re caught in the ...

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Also by Tiffany Wright:

Solitude | Writer's Reverie | Running Power |

boredinsaneinternetpoemsocial mediavirtual life

Listening to Airship: This is hell

As the illusion shatters around me

As the dust melts away into reality, I realise

I realise like everytime before, this wasn't real 


Everything you said to me wasn't real 

Everything I felt was real

Every moment we shared I managed to translate incorrectly 

Each look misjudged 

Each smirk misread 

Each nudge misinterpretated 


'I never liked you' 

'I never li...

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Also by Charlotte Colvin:

Written whilst listening to Sam Smith: I'm not the only one | Written whilst listening to Solange: Don't touch my hair | Written whilst listening to Ghost Poet: Dial Tones | Written whilst listening to Incubus: Wish you were here | Written whilst listening to Placebo Ask for answers | Written whilst listening to Jay Som: Lipstick Stains | Written whilst listening to SIBWIR: Munro |


Let's Part dear Crazy Heart

Falling Apart

Falling Apart

My Life

My Heart

Always falling apart


From head to toe

I'm a mess

But you would never know

I don't have a clue which way to go


I need you now...

Your tranquillity to calm my restless soul

Don't fail me now...

I have no other to shield and protect me 

From this crazy mess that is


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Also by Wardah:

Weary Traveller |

Peggy Seeger


At Kala Sangam in Bradford

late Sunday afternoon, one singer

sits on a hard chair waiting for the other

to take the stage, tune her guitar to

the required key before saying, “Hello

Ladies and Gentlemen.‚ÄĚ There are

moments, in a life, that linger.


These two beloved women

stand on linoleum and talk

only briefly, about the songs maybe,

how they endure against t...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Some | Matinee |

Where ?

Do you know where I left it ? I just can't recall. I often think about it, Tho Somestimes not at all. I think you know, just where it is But you won't tell me, will you ? You've hid it from me , all these years. YOU HIDE THAT LONGED FOR ANSWER !   No your wrong, oh your so wrong I'AM NOT ONE WHO KNOWS Don't tell me  speak, the Truth,  JUST PLEASE LET ME ALONE ALL RIGHT. ALL R...

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Also by terry l shuff:

Winds Return. | False Realities | child Forsaken | Hebrew Bible poetry as LITERATURE |

I Can't Sleep

Swallow the restless night up into arms of great sacrifice,
I feel alone yet again,
To witness the technicolored crescent of daybreak above my home.

Do you ever wander deep into restless forests?
Where the branches sway with the vigor of a child,
Wasted to swing breathlessly beneath the shallow moon.

Truth be told I have a long day ahead,
And I question my ability to keep my eyes awake ...

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Also by Alita Moore:

The Meaning of the Stars | With Eyes Toward the Sky | Few Could Wake Before a Raging Current |

Fuck Anxiety

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