Nebulous seas of unchartered waters

break their waves over the forecastle

of our insignificant  beings

Raging storms, gusts of hurricane winds

batter the rigging of a ship tossed about by fear

Then we stumble into the tranquility of the waiting doldrums

where mother nature settles the ocean to that of a pond

We are aghast by the stark reality of drought,

famine and volcanic eruptions

We become enrapted in a turmoil of humanity´s pain

where utter confusion and uncertainity do reign

Kingdoms unleash their chariots of war

with ordinances of horror do store

Perplexed, victims of a spinning globe

we clutch to life jackets and to straws

Alienated and cut adrift with no vision to console

as the terrestial horizon is no more

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keith jeffries

Mon 31st Jul 2017 16:44

Kevin, thanks for this. I did not conciously use rhyme as the words simply popped up. As to whether it is appropriate I really don´t know. I shall seek some advice, otherwise one would have to write this type of poem avoiding any thyming which would be akin to walking through a mine field. Thanks for raising this point as I feel the need for some professional advice and will let you know the outcome. Thanks again. Keith

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 30th Jul 2017 13:28

Enjoyed the scope of the ideas, especially the 2-line transition into the 'waiting doldrums'. And 'no vision to console'. Perhaps the work is still quite 'fresh', and needs a review period to bind it together even more potently.

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kJ Walker

Sun 30th Jul 2017 11:21

I loved the line "We clutched at lifejackets and straws"
this poem had a nice rhythm to it, and a good vocabulary.
I found it interesting that the tedium of the calm seemed to be harder to endure than the storm itself.
My only criticism would be that parts of it seemed to rhyme and other parts didn't. this is probably ok to do, but to me it seems wrong.
thanks for posting- Cheers Kevin

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