Black Boy Jerome

Black Boy Jerome
walking stop, walking stop, closed park nest
insecticide guttered blood lumps
realtor biting torchlight, thicker dollar pile rate rat room
squat sleeping, leaning broom, dirt bridge
ate pigeon error Wednesday
Ma note sticks about Black Boy’s bridge’s lynching arcs
shining knotted ironwork, rogue’s gum
waning bridge appeal, twists, turns, joints, worn rust
move on Winter
gunner’s fist ends, neck hair splits, falling twists, final sharp-back breaking snap second
air killed cold tipped teeth, water tasting tears
leg-dragging Black Boy in thick and thickest woods
Roosevelt’s New Deal for forest-dwelling poor blind white men, 1952
Blackest Black Boy Jerome’s binocular blood vision, saw lace shawl majestic on a chariot reined with platinum Griffin

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)

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Paul Welsh

Tue 1st Aug 2017 17:40

Thanks for the feedback Colin, glad you find my stuff 'fascinating'. That's not a word I've heard before, mostly 'strange' and 'needs the Turin Test'. I need to visit your work and have a read.

The poem in ?, and most of the others on my Blog, I grant you they're 'odd', maybe an ingredients list that needs cooking, but my attempts to lengthen sentences and boost narrative, fail. I know the story inside each one, and for me that's important, but some are better than others in reaching that conclusion. I've tried to get published this year, but so far all attempts have failed, maybe because, stylistically, they don't fit anything out there, or maybe they're just dross? Reading other poets work, particularly on WordPress, a few other places too, it often bores me, to be honest, lots of maudlin introspection, loneliness, more and more lost love, but occasionally I find something with an impact.

When it comes to the 'Beats', had always heard of them, but hadn’t read any works until a few years back, particularly after seeing a documentary on Herbert Hunke and another guy (name ?), and after seeing the movie 'Factotum' about Bukowksi.

I'm a History Grad & Post-Grad, until about five years ago, hadn’t read any more than a few poems, couldn’t even say I liked poetry, so you never know.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 31st Jul 2017 22:45

Hi Paul, just to say I have been reading your poems and find them fascinating. I've never quite 'got' beat poetry and admit I need to spend more time getting to know the genre better. My natural instinct is to remould this into a style which I find easier to read but I know that is not the point. So for me I cannot give an unconditional thumbs up but neither is my thumb pointing down. I very much look forward to reading some more from you in due course as there is definitely room for it here on WoL. Please take this as encouragement and offered with the utmost respect. You might like to check out the work of Suki Spangles by entering his name in the 'Profiles' search box. All the best, Colin.

<Deleted User> (17847)

Mon 31st Jul 2017 09:59

another notch on the headboard of success

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