Anxiety, My Companion (a daily struggle)

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Sometimes I can

rail against it,

sometimes it

conquers me.


Sometimes I hide

it well, other

days the fatigue

of fighting it shows.


Some people



Others say,

"Get over Yourself."


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 6th Jul 2017 16:53

Depression is the unseen enemy for many...sufferers and
carers alike. It can be short or long term, depending on
circumstances of varying sources and "anxiety" is part of
the syndrome. I endured a short term variety when
coping with upheaval in both work and personal life and
its detrimental effects cannot be underestimated. But
another part of my mind was there to be instructed daily to
deal with it and over time it DID and the effects began
to diminish, finally fading away. Self-help via "positive thinking" convinced ME that the mind can help itself.
How to deal with it as a sufferer? How to live with it as
a carer? So difficult to categorise - and therein lies the
essential problem of how to cope with its cause and effects. In the USA the "shrink" is almost a domestic
extra - being on a par with consulting the family doctor -
and seems to have working value for a number of people.
There is also the "chemical" aspect - an imbalance that
appropriate medication, carefully assessed and
prescribed, can help to remedy. Each case should be
looked at carefully and considerately on the basis that
NO ONE would voluntarily allow the condition to inflict
its undoubted misery. The range between the "blues"
and its worst derivative is huge and this in itself is one
of the biggest hurdles in diagnosing and treating the
individual case. One step at a time - like the illness
itself perhaps in a great many instances...but positive
thinking via self-awareness and optimism that things WILL get better is a very constructive way to begin recovery.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 5th Jul 2017 12:18

Short, sharp and effective. I admire the honesty of the final line.

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