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Love wins

Their hands touched and the room stood still

Genuinely, completely stood dead still

He held her hands tight across the table

Wanting to shout out but he wasn't able

Wanting to shout she's the one I love

Tearing down values he'd long understood 

Life is for living with no holding back

Only truly experienced with love in full flame

Not playing the margins in some fake game

Not hiding the truth when it's clear to see

They're meant for each other, meant to be free

She held on tight and stared deep through his eyes

Wondering who's watching with heightened surprise

Her resolve less strong but excited no less

Their boldness in play hard not to impress

It looks like it's happening and all will come true

So full in public for all to see

An emotional bomb released with no count to three

She looks all around but everything's still

Suspended in time like on TV

They stand up together and walk hand in hand

Eyes locked together as friends start to understand 

His wife has her back to them but senses the still

Turns not knowing that life's now a bitter pill

Quiet now ripples across the room

All eyes on, mouths open, some pushing for room

The walk to the door creates more of a hush

Through and out into the cold night air they push

Where to now? as everyone continues to stare

Legs start to run as he sees a yellow cab 

An oasis of calm as they glide through the night

She starts to giggle as he squeezes her tight

Deep breaths, eyes shinning as they hotly embrace 

Life may have changed, no real life's just begun

A risk worth taking when you know deep in your heart

That life would be empty if you stayed apart

People will judge harshly this evenings end

Talking forever without being able to defend

Selfish maybe with what's left behind

Friends no longer thinking isn't he kind

A price worth paying for honouring the truth


◄ Love reunited

My boys ►


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