We know of the "faces" that occupy Facebook...

And the "twits" adding twaddle to Twitter.

The first with its trivia-filled waste of space look

And the second with its bile from the bitter.

But now the net allows anyone a voice

Or so it can seem - hardly cause to rejoice!

The stuff that appears can make one despair

Or at the very least, tear at one's hair.

Those who can't spell or string two words together

Can be found all around - like gorse in the heather,

Offering obtuse views as if they are paid to,

Egregiously eager and far from afraid to!

Sin and simpletons are clearly synonymous -

Logging online and remaining anonymous!


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Doctor WHO?! ►


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Tue 18th Jul 2017 15:16

I think sadly what you are referring to here Mark is the rise of the amateur - everyone king for a day mentality. It is tempting to think there is a voice for everyone, but is pissing in the wind to be recommended? It is if people think it is acceptable. Maybe vast profits have something to do with the conception. I have seen the sinking down of the professional in all walks of life, as I'm sure you have. In a larger sense, it is very convenient to have people's energies dispersed in this harmless way and not put to more sinister causes. Are we sleepwalking? Not 'alf!!


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Lyrical Lexa

Tue 18th Jul 2017 14:48

"Sin and simpletons are clearly synonymous-
Logging online and remaining anonymous!"

I love your style and honesty.

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