Next Years Model

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Next Years Model


She smiled a permanent beguiling smile

And welcomed me with open arms

I kissed her cold red lips

And stared deep into her black eyes

Ran my fingers over perfect curves

Licked her and prayed she wouldn’t rust


I felt the steady pulse of her beat

Charged to the max

Until her age

Caused her to drain away

More quickly than I wanted

And she would nag for power

Nag for the vital spark

Nag for the meaning

Behind all of this


I would lose my passion for her

As she got older

And more predictable

And there would be

Temptation on the block

From Japan or India



More like reality


And like all other gadgets

When I got bored of her

Or when a new model was released

With enhanced features

She would be thrown in a corner

Left to gather dust



No loyalty

For hours of service

Given freely

Asked for nothing


I loved her once

But now I love another

Sexy little sexbot


They said it would be different

But nothing ever changes

For a serial misogynist


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