Noshes greed

Little hairy larva, dare not look away,
I know you ate all the shrubby petals in this garden so great.
Now look around, the flowers cry in disdain,
why are you so perky during the sunny days?
Heaven for munchies you think of this flowery place,
why so ravenous you are each moment of the day?
If this garden were the battlefield of hunger games,
you would take away the prize, priding as winner self, I see !
Alas, these tiny feet of yours I cannot handcuff,
no such equipment have I, to punish ye.
Smile not ! vicious creature in mischief, 
misdeed you still have done in garden of mine.
Surrender! or better yet munch all the petals of 
cauliflower, I hate veggies on plate each day, you see !

depression/ humor

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