Growing up, life teaches you lessons.  The

More you experience, the more lessons

You learn, and this shapes your world view.  Lessons

Form your outlook, changing your personal


Perspective, as you gaze out, over your

Future, an ever-shortening view.  That

Future, the landscape of life, appeared bleak,

Featureless and hostile.  Preferring not


To look, understanding dawned that this is

An adult view.  Gone are the naïve joys

Of childhood, my lessons informing me

That life is filled with things you have to do.


The freedom to do what you want to do

Is forfeited with age; life lessons teach

Adulthood.  However, perception plays

A key role, and perception is coloured


By mood.  Depression casts grim patina,

Sapping life from every future.  What

Was understood to be growing up, has

Transpired to be folly.  Life holds richness


In every turn, holds beauty and depth

In every valley, diversity

In every forest.  On a grey day,

Remember to let a little light in.

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Fri 28th Jul 2017 21:12

Hi New Shoes - thanks for your comment, really pleased to connect.

Turnign things around is key.

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New Shoes

Fri 28th Jul 2017 05:44

choose to see the opposite feeling from the one that holds you down, dress them all up like clowns and enjoy the show. it will truely turn a frown upside down and a new mind, much like a child's will grow.

I connected with your poem


New Shoes

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