Written whilst listening to Sam Smith: I'm not the only one

I can smell her on you
I can see her in the wrinkles of your shirt
I can feel her on your skin 

I want you to love me like her
I want you to look at me like that
I want you to feel that way about me

You don't love me
You don't see me
You don't want me 

You say I am too much
You say I am not enough
You say I am not her

We won't work
We don't belong together
We aren't anything

I scream 
I cry
I break

You laugh
You kiss
You smile


◄ Written whilst listening to Solange: Don't touch my hair

Listening to Airship: This is hell ►


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Raj Ferds

Mon 24th Jul 2017 14:41

I find this quite appealing Charlotte. There seems to be a certain reality about it? A purge of pent up emotions perhaps, a tinge of jealousy, sending out a message.

Got another one?


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