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Who are you pointing at; with your twisted finger

and your meely mouth

And what gives you the right to rule our roost

When we are the youth of tomorrow and you the death of yesterday

Go with your hate and go with your crooked smile

For you  will walk the stone strewn miles

Whilst we will stagger but rise     -      eventually


Safe are stars; but we are here

And warrior...

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How can  I celebrate Christmas when we have.nt learnt a thing

When the man who died to save us

Hangs on his words in despair

Is it fair

That I in my wisdom

Follows the road in weakness

And I watch as a child breathes its last


So how can I celebrate Christmas

When I stand in the rain and stare

My grief is here but I do nothing at all

My hands in my pockets, my hea...

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Take me by the hand

To where the highest hills

Look down on me

Bathed in purple sky

And the  stars

Play hide and seek amongst the speckled night


Go with me

Along the naked paths

Which turn and weave

With twisted arms

and moving light

Make patterns on the once green fields of day

and grey silences of night


For I was  young; but now am older

And wi...

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The sun, reflecting light

The gulls' gentle flight

The lap of waves  singing

The music of the sea

The breeze  touching, playing games

And where the river meets the sea;

I hear it sigh;  I feel it smile;  journey done


There are footprints in the sand

Made by a silent Warrior

A man of steel

His presence duly sought;

His memory of battles fought

Only the river...

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The night sky, the blue satin sheen

One star greets another in recognition of a lonely friend

Perriwinkles on dew drops

Can you be mine ?

Crinkled bark on a sturdy tree

Waving grass and floating bee    dancing

For you and for me


Beyond the green haze

Of leaves and sun spray

Lies the heavenly hills

Of yesterday


Endless roads

Miles destroying


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When I went to America

entry picture

Like a fish outa water a were

When I went to America

Strollin down the Walk of Fame

Tryin not tu step ont Stars' Names

When a went to America


Meetin Charlie Chaplin

Oh wot a to do

An im from Batman

Cant remember is name; can you?

When a went to America


Oh that massage parlour; wot a palarva

Think ad teken a wrong turnin somehow

A was such a silly cow


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entry picture

my cat she.s at it agen

runnin mad like a rabid hen

wots she up to i.d like to know

scatterin dust......  layin tracks with her speedy run

how come SHE gets to have so much fun


oh my god she.s caught that dammed fly

av bin after that since last july

come ere puss ere.s yer treat

arf a tin of salmon un wipe yer feet





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Its Called the Universe

entry picture

I hear you

I hear you in the dark realms

I hear you in the light morning

When the birds are singing of your glory

And I hear the silent rain now summer wears her shroud


Pull me .... pull me by the chains that binds us

Draw me to where the diamond walls are glistening in the shadows

To where the lands of no tomorrow

Are waiting in their state of nothingness

Where I a...

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entry picture

Tap, tap, tap

Is there anybody there

Making movement

Making love cos its not fair

Making Gospel so the sheep can bleat

Whats the problem guys

Its only war


Its only fear

Its only death

It will pass

Not too slowly

Not too fast


There.s bucks to be made

So lets all hate

Lets all plunder

Great News friends

There is someone  there

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entry picture


The sea with fury

Beating waves upon the shore

The birds - soaring high

But now the horror falls

Upon the blind man

Upon the dog who howls to the once blue sky

A child - who wonders if this is life

Crawls beneath the debris of his time


Seven times I heard their scream

Once I heard their death

Is this a dream ?


As I stumble in the mist

I try...

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entry picture

Our palms were full

and no words were needed


Now ....our palms empty

There are still no words


So with this .....my words are forever speechless

And ........making unutterable sounds

I roam the history of our making

Trying to find a gem of remembrance

But there is none


Trying to find the star which beheld our existance

But,  alas,  it has gone .......


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Breathless is the tamed lover

Who gazes out to sea

No more a chain  - no more a clicked finger

For now he is free


The doved island is his goal

As he tries to savour all

But freedom is a strange gift

It pines for company

It yearns for chains once more


The Rock of Ages towers high

The graved stone - the gnarled crevices

Poured with briar

Upon its top a b...

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Mickey Finn(Awld Lancy Poem) Anonymoose

entry picture

As a was goin tut traycle shop I met mi awld swaytart Mickey Finn

An wot dust think e sed tu mi ?

Wilt cumpt funrel if a dee ?

An a thowt a bit an a thowt a bit

an a sed Aye a might us well


Eeee an he did dee  

Thi all cried but a laughed 

Thi all wore black but a wore red

Thi all brought flowers but a spit on is grave

An that was the end of ma awld swa...

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entry picture

His eyes moved slowly as he watched them pass

A young mother pushing her trolley with the kids in tow

Like she was competing for the Grand Prix

Thinking thoughts of what to make for tea


Thowld woman spoke first

Never 'ad  school runs when I was a lass

Nah he agreed

Then suddenly his thoughts re-wound

Like the re-play on the old VHS

To the time when his ...

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entry picture

My spirit was good to me today

She took me away from the cold grey room


I cried for my Daddy but he wasnt there

I cried for Freedom but no one heard


I know there's a warm golden sun somewhere

And green fields where I can run and play

But I dont know where


My spirit was good to me today

She took me there

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entry picture

One day, a butterfly

Came by

And settled on my knee

Can't you see

Said he

That I am Free

Free to fly

Into the Sky ................

Bye Bye

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The Sea Creaks

entry picture

The Sea Creaks

Like the rigging on our boat

Clouds swirl

Like a Spanish dancer

More and more

Faster and faster

Seagulls glide to the Shore

Their wings nudged by the Wind

A sublime ending to our day

We stand here soaked by spray

Totally moved

Because the Sea Creaks


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entry picture

Read your book the other day

What can I say ?

Lots of singers, books and poems

But your're still a mysteree

Dont you see, its just curiosity

And your wife passes by like a Butterfly


Your songs are still here

Waiting in a drawer

Theyre for us to find;  you to share

Then we'll know you're really there


Your life seemed such a gas

Nothing cras...

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Magic Fields

entry picture

There are Magic fields

Where friends would play

On a waving blade

A fluffed mouse

Does act upon a tight rope of green

Fields we walk

Winding snaking making more

Paths which from where we have been

To where we go

Are marked upon life's journey

For if we turned another way

Who could say

We may not be to walk upon

The field of magic

We have d...

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Was This the Plan

entry picture

Was this the plan

That  he leave me behind


To slowly die  - to cry


Was this the plan

That I become invisible

To walk in the rain

So that tears and pain

Stay  hidden


Was this the plan

That some great seer

Who sits on the other side of Eternity

Could say

Yes this is the plan

This is the way its going to be

We always kne...

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entry picture

Go with the Wind said my friends

Rising up and ever on

The pink of morning

The sun brightly shone

Soft warmth gently lends

My feet are free but my mind is not


Following the wispy trail of life

Treading dust in the desert land

Setting sun in the realm of strife

Fate has dealt a steely hand

Vainly hoping my path will lead -

My heart; forever freed


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Love is Blind

entry picture

He didnt see when he left for work that day

He didnt see you treasure your phone

Like a precious gift

Falling on your bed

Smiling - twisting the duvet in anticipation

Love is Blind


He didnt see that when you were late home that night

He didnt see you sat at the bar - your legs swinging - hoping for more

Wishing you were free - one eye on the door

Love i...

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entry picture

I do not yearn for Caviare

Nor any other rich mans fare

Rich warm and red

Is how I am fed


Lapping softly until the source should die

And then - when comes the light

I swiftly fly

Back to my tomb which lies nearby

My castle in the sky


Full of tenderness was she that Night

Her eyes were misty - her lips were moist

The lover she had been embracing

Had giv...

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Death's Journey

entry picture

And as a window opened for me

A travelling procession of angels

Glowing and free

Did tread upon the soft green grass

Singing soflty, a hymn of Purity


Save your sorrow for my dying day

For I am come to Love in hope

Leave my heart to cry in vain

My mind is bent to join the affray


Anger, hatred, toil and dammed souls

Claw the air, the mud, the grave

Falling ...

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entry picture

A deep time ago

When the sun kissed eyes and noses

And knees and toes

Lovers held Red Roses

For you for me


Trees held coins upon their bough

Still shafts pierce the Light

Whispers of Wings on the here and now

Grass blades move as if by Flight


A long time in our Hearts

So no man has Remembrance

Moving in the Night

The Sprite awakes the ...

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entry picture

Winding ribbon of a road

Grassy moor  the movement of the sea

Sheep  like dots of candy floss  grazing

Me in Heaven

Him  smiling  looking sideways  praising

Another life away


In a Starship  a shining bubble

My golden home

Gliding  on and on  Me  back in Heaven

Him  thinking a song  eyes in the distance

Face set in stone

I despair - I know - I gr...

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Woman of the Flowing Hair

entry picture

Soft face is yours

And your hair is waving to the sea

Woman of the flowing hair

You stand so still

One hand resting on the creaking gate

The other shielding from the sun

Woman with the flowing hair

Why do you wait

And the world travails around you

Step down with care

From your pedestal of woe

He who left you once

Has stepped down from his long ago


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