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You Made Risotto, You Twat.

You know something, James? You broke my heart.

The horrible thing about this situation, my friend, is that I know that I'll never get an explanation. I know that I'll never get an apology. I know that you think you've done nothing wrong. It has never been more true than with you - be one hundred percent behind someone, before you stab them in the back.

I can honestly say though, that...

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When you were small,

A child at play, you’d make a world all of your own

Where you were “King” sat on the throne,

And in your world there was no suffering or pain

Just happy little children, of every race and name.


Everyone was happy, no one was alone

Everyone was cared for, food and drink for all

There everyone had innocence, the greatest g...

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Slowly, ever so slowly, inching on our way;

Destination Whitby, vivid Autumn day.

Scenery magnificent, weather matching too,

Clouds of alto cirrus, sky of powder blue.


Picking up momentum now, further down the line,

Engine snorting like a mare in steady 4/4 time.

Leaning from a window, moorland coasting by,

Nigel Gresley out in front, cinder in your eye.



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Also by John Coopey:

Thumb Rings |

Lair of the liar

I delayed leaving for work, caught a glimpse

Of a surprising sight - the Inquiry

Into Iraq, and Blair’s live appearance

How is he looking? Boyish? Furtively?

How is he acting? Innocent? Guilty?

And how is he answering? Well? Or ill?

Chilcot has got him there, true, but will he

Get him, or set him free? Well, time will tell

But now I had to leave, for duty called


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I am not me, I am no-one.
I am but the husk,
all that remains after the birds have had their fill.
Lost and hurting,
I misplaced myself amongst the wreckage
and for me there is no 'black box'.
I do not remove the veil,
I am filled with loathing by what lies beneath,
and so, my veneer is smooth.
I hope you do not see the fissures below
because i am scared to look beyond the d...

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New Gigs Jan 31st - 4th Feb 2010

Hi guys,

Four this week from tomorrow:

Poetry N Motion - Sunday 31st January
Motion Bar Embankment London WC2N 6PA
7pm - 1am Entry £7 (All Proceeds for the Haitian Earthquake Relief)

TBC - Kid, I Wrote Back - Monday 1st February
7pm - £3 entry
Bar Kick
127 Shoreditch
High Street
London E1 6JE

Y Tuesday the Poetry Club - Tuesday 2nd February
8pm Start - Free E...

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Also by Alain English:

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Various Complications.

It begins with the singular

Then complicates.

An embryo's worst nightmare

To multiply too many

And discard a familiar friend

So one dies


Love be the perfect poison

For the imperfect

Only the ugly suffer true love.


The world is an atlas

Of invisible physics,

Equations tame confusion

For soldiers of academia

And the poor parachute


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Also by Kealan Coady:

Sarcastic at half - collapsed ridge. | A Week In Words. | Serenicity. | The Politics of Gender | Beach. |

Hearts and flowers and shit

(Valentines poem 2010)

A saying someone told to me,

these days when even love is tough,

“if you love somebody, set them free...” –

give them a false sense of security

then when they come back to you,

tie them up and ,


do stuff.

You know, like...


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Also by Dermot Glennon:

Dogmatism | No way out |


Love On Borrowed Time

Walking the tracks again
With my face to the rain
Every step I take in fear
Of that ever-nearing train

I cheated death
I cheated truth
And now there is no proof
More than what my accusers say
But they increase in number
With every single day

So they shout 'He stole'
Well, I admit
I may have borrowed some
And I may have lied
When they looked me in the eye
And ...

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Also by Tom:

I Am A Violent Man | The Prettiest Music | Echoes For Answers |





The Grenadines, Saltwhistle Bay.

I think of Robert Righteous

& de Youths Rasta Restaurant

while drinking a glass of Carrib Beer

on the shores of Saltwhistle Bay.


Lunchtime and I'm sitting under

a Rasta flag with Robert Righteous

who's an angel spreading stories,

plates of seafood, dreads and smiles

wider than Saltw...

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Also by Rodney Wood:


havoc poem


The A20 Havocs scream over Holland at fifty feet

looking for trouble in their game of death,

they attack the canal network, a flight of six planes.

Turning tightly they start their runs,

shooting tracer shells that rip open the flimsy barges.

In a huge blast the ammo load goes up, taking a plane with it,

falling debris and bits of fire, nothing more.


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ghosts poem | trine poem based on a norwegian gal bass player | poem |

swimming with humans

Each day they come. We see them on the shore,

come rain or shine.

They climb aboard the boats, some with excitement,

some with trepidation.

Some look really sad.

Poor things!


The boat speeds out to where my friends and I

are frisking in the waves.

We wait for them - it’s our job, it’s what we do.



With help, they timidly descend into our r...

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Also by Ann Foxglove:

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It is 1975 on Antons Road

in Halewood, a new town old when built,

old with tired people thrown here by fate

and urban renewal, overrun with children

and here comes Emma, part of the flotsam

and she is crying


“What's wrong, Emma”

“They say am men'ally handicapt,

and they took Ginny away and said

ah carn marry Alan, and

ah carn have no more babies


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Also by Dave Bradley:

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Mr. Skoulikaris

Mr. Skoulikaris' earthly expertize

like  dolphins, ballet beneath the seas'.

A synchronized swimmer of the soil,

his elongated torso coils, curves,

graceful and fluid through tuberous roots

and seedlings. Aerating, preparing the soil

for delicate tendrils to permeate

on their journey. Photosynthesis,

ultimate metamorphosis to saturate earth

that we might feas...

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if you want i will do....


if you do i will want...


but its down to you....


to make it for two!....


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Also by JEFF.W:

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I kinda get it ‘cause the snow ain’t been that bad in thirty years

And every other bed were took up with old dears

But I just slept, I weren’t shouting out like the rest

I didn’t need no help with washing or getting myself dressed

I weren’t pissing me bed and blaming the nurse

Who interspersed skin piercing, heart monitoring care

With telling me off and making it...

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To Fellow Poets




                                  To Fellow Poets


if my mind worked

like your mind

where is the joy in that

because your ideas

broaden my ideas

you thrill me

perhaps I would not say it

exactly so

but enough so

to understand your thrust and pull

to glory in your view of things

all things


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

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We were a strange eutectic mix that summer

Clattering our bikes and rods down farmer’s tracks

In search of perfect swims and privacy.


I had, by nodding agreement,

the best collection of floats, spinners and spoons

arranged by size and colour, in the best box.

You were the only boy I ever lent one.


Approaching, in Apache crouch, our favour...

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Man Overboard

After laughter

ribbing over The Golden Rivet

and who was Blossom giving it to tonight?

A sudden screech

and thirty sunbrowned arms

shielding Pale Northern Eyes

from the burning sun.

And sommat's comin'

Sommat's comin'

kicking the fanny over

sluice with soapy bubble of

rum and oil and water.

And man the fuckin' gun Tom.

Man the fuckin' gun.


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Also by Rachel McGladdery:

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Baby Bobbies

Baby Bobbies


I’ve seen a baby bobby                       

On his baby bobby beat,                      

Only maybe 5 foot tall              

In baby stocking feet.                           


He’d got a tiny truncheon,                    

And a little pair of ‘cuffs.                      

I bet he finds it hard to run                   

With all his b...

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Many Gods But One

                                                Many Gods But One




            I want to write an epic,

An epic of proportions where

Each and every opposite, pulls

Gravitation past its orbit, to spiral

Out of minds control,

            A countenance

Of disapproving states

Like sea-saws movement bouncing

Bigger – up and down,

A balancing o...

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My appetite flaunts and my hair tangles, my bare feet flip my final fantasy, and lolling, with desperate icy doors down into my throat, god couldn't prevent this running beast from heaven if heaven didn't exist, existing in sharp cold moulds, biting delicious, I don't meet anyone, I have not known, but I bruise my eyes on window panes looking for that magic eye to take me home. The beauty...

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Also by Marianne Daniels:

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flying over a country makes you feel nostalgic if you've done it before
just knowing you're there above all the greens and all the blues
all the people you've once met but will never see again
whilst they gaze at the morning sun

you have pierced the clouds;
which appear like the peelable skin
on the top of a warm glass of milk

awaiting the turbulence and turmoil
and to rej...

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Discoveries Highway


The dream of lying naked with that perfect woman,

amongst the sweet smell of summer meadow,

beneath azure canopy.

The freshness of a sprinkling light shower,

kissing your soft delicate skin,

baked by noon day sun.

The afterglow of our love on our island green,

drenched by beads,  

lost amongst furnace toasted dunes.

Like birds of prey this imagery...

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To Poetry...

Was it  sweet


awkward shyness?

or being failed


dreaming of olive



and greasy kisses

at the chippy

maybe suburban


or was God involved?

the blister of


my nervous disposition?

or spending

too much

time in my

bedroom cacoon


the estate

locked in thought


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Cartys Poetry Journal

Submissions saught to for the February edition of Cartys Poetry Journal.

Read the January edition below...

Carty's Poetry Journal : FREE PDF DOWNLOAD
Ships in 3–5 business days
The inaugoral January 2010 edition of Cartys Poetry Journal, a magazine of poetry of poets from Ireland and across the world.

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Also by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh:

That We May Never Have to Play Dalibors Fiddle |


On your knees

On your knees before me

Head bowed, filled with shame

My presence is absorbing

As I softly speak your name


Gentle, but with firm command

My voice so resonates

You attend to every breath I take

Your heart pounds as it waits


So enclosed and so aware

Confined within this time

I’m wrapped around you totally

You feel so much, you’re mine



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Also by Christopher Dawson:

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It struck me as odd whilst adjusting my tax

How sparrows never drop dead or suffer heart attacks


So I turned from my tax form feeling quite tense

Trying to justify my thoughts and make sense


After all, what pressures intrude the nest?

The birdies can’t be too stressed or depressed


Why should the birdies be blesse...

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Also by Nells:


The Rose

The flowers unfold

as I pick the rose

walking in the park

way after dark

with my boyfriend.


I lift the rose

as i climb the fence

wondering what the passer-by thinks

of me and my boyfriend.


he lends me a hand

as he stands on the pavement

smiling with his eyes

this handsome man,

my boyfriend.


the passer-by stops

as i be...

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Also by Beulah:

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Carry On Tuesday #36

Written for and posted to carry on tuesday

The prompt this week is from Robert Browning's
Grow Old Along With Me
Grow old along with me
the best is yet to be.

I used the line the best is yet to be, which I inserted into
the rewriting/updating of a piece I wrote a few years back.
The original poem is a stand alone piece and todays offering

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Also by Andy Sewina aka Danny A Wise:

(untitled) |

carry on tuesdaygot your letternaisaikuRobert Browning

A Moment of Clarity

The cut of your dress
As it clings to your curves
Slices my vision
Like a blade across my heart
With each nervous step
I move closer to you
The weight of the moment
Makes my feet feel like lead
Your look turns heads
All around the bar
And that green eyed
Old friend of mine

But then I'm with you
And the world flows on
Just you and I
the sounds ...

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Also by Steven Kenny:

A Walk in the Snow (Response) | A Walk in the Snow |




The Palace and the tax office are rent asunder

And the dogs and swine lord it over the corpses

And the officials are queuing for the first flight out

And the Palace and the Tax Office are rent asunder

Yeah verily the Palace and the Tax Office are rent asunder


And Papa Doc smiles from the beyond

And the undead rise and their places filled by the newl...

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They hoot that horn: “Hello!” “Goodbye”

No matter I am strolling by

And show the world the pig they are

While firing my amygdala.


My ancient ape gets in a bate

My hemispheres know mutual hate

And primal homicide thoughts blossom

Abetted by Corpus Callosum. 


They having passed, I then walk on

My endocrine excess - not gone.

I’m left to impotent...

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Also by Barrie Singleton:



Through the years, Ive sort of lost my faith in people, Watch the news everyday, So much hate in people, Never treat each other equal, Always looking down at each other, Theres always one thats got more than another, Follow fashions.......riddicule the ones that dont, They follow suit...., And persecute the ones that wont, A vicious cycle..... If you're individual they bite you, And ev...

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The Iraq Inquiry

Hussain is dead and Bush and Blair are alive and kicking. Damn. No matter what comes out of this inquiry, which some labour politicians (and others) wrongly dismiss as 'irrelevant,' it's a great shame there will be no legal implications to it. Not unlike the invasion of Iraq.

So, hey ho, SHOCK AND AWE!

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Also by John Turner:

Good Morning World |

The Glass House


Winter has sucked the landscape

back to black and white

but in the glass house

the world is plump and curved,

full of juice and spectrums.


We sit on the edge

of the savage garden

where tropical flowers

shred the light with their teeth.

The steamy scent

of sap and green life

soaks through our coats

and makes us sweat.


In her...

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Also by Gaia Holmes:

Audio recordings of me reading my poems for 'Poetcasting' |

January 2010. I. Anybody.

January 2010.I. Anybody.

In Africa the football hits the grass

Like a big, congealed blood clot

And bright young men fall over injured,

 Or blanch and die.

The African cup helicopters are in HD on my TV,

 But I am outside shovelling snow.


The airline bomber sets his underpants on fire

And a man is stabbed in a London street.

 Fanatics daily bomb Pakista...

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Also by jane wilcock:

Kids in Buckets |


Art House

Fuck you! (you middle-class twat)
Up your arse (with a bamboo bat),
Stolen from my table
Like a sex craved rat
Fuck you on your reclaimed mat
Up your sphincter 
With a painful splat.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Advice to bi-peds | I Need Minds | The bright bright sun | Too much time on one\\'s hands |

The Long Fuse

Fear soaked, I drag myself upright -

unsteady but true at last,

ready to speak

to the  patient crowd,

whose forebearance lasted out.

Now willing to use my voice-

though weary and torn

by shattered hopes

and shards of spite

swallowed for




So though trepidation

and much hesitation

threaten to engulf me,

it is no longer e...

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Early January Snow Blues

There is calmness

Like a Buddhist prayer

On the road

When it snows

And cars are afraid

To come down it.


There is softness

In the trees rustling

When the wind

Shakes it off

Which reminded me

Of my father

When he used

To shake off his boots

Before he stepped back inside

After gritting

The front path.


And as it gets so...

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Kicking the leaves

Crisp and crunchy underfoot

Like golden snowflakes,

Early autumn leaves

Cover the pavements

And pathways.


Deep and golden,

Covering the grass,

Covering the paths,

Sleeping memories

Of summer.


Soft, neat piles

Of autumnal casualties

Lie gently in corners.


And then along comes a four year old

And kicks them all over the pla...

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What do you wear Claire in the morning?

What do you wear Claire last thing at night?

What do you wear Claire?


Would you dare Claire?

In your underwear Claire



Doesn’t that feel right?

Would you do it just for spite

Like you did to me last night


You know just the right things to say Claire

Yeah, you certainly have a way Claire

About you

Don’t wanna be without you

Never gon...

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love is out to get me

Their lips drip with salvia
The hounds of love are out to get me
But I am a survivor
But how can I survive
When I know I am going to get caught by the bees of love
with your honey on my lips
but I just can’t let your honey go to waste
it drives me wild just for a taste
I am like ravenous beast
And on you I would feast
For hours and hours I would rise and expand on you like yeast
I have...

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Also by Daniel Hooks:

who betrayed rhyming poetry to its literary death? |

Comparing Mythologies

The Chinese girl

Always fell asleep if she drank beer.

So in the evening we sat

In the cafe beside her campus,

Talking over coffee.

The door kept blowing open

With a parade of red face students,

All thin and puckered up from the cold.

We discussed our parents,

Our respective states,

Our histories and mythology.

What was difficult for her

Was not th...

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Write Out Loud Outstanding Poems for December

December was a great month for poetry on WOL ��" very many voters confirming my thoughts and finding it difficult to choose just one poem.  Nonetheless, one winner/ one poet did shine through ��" with two of her poems Rejection and Little Clock receiving 3 votes each.  That winner is Rachel McGladdery, a very welcome and talented new addition to the WOL ranks.   I was surprised that men didn’t als...

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Poetry In Motion

Gather them all together
pack those verses tight
place them in the boxes
make sure they're labelled right

For poetry in motion
can have meanings more than one
we've lived here seven years and more
but soon we'll be moving on

So many things to sort through
the trappings of our lives
odd tools there in that drawer
including pocket knives

All of them have meanings
that others cannot see
and may yet find them...

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What happens if

What happens if

I marry the man

That I met

On the art gallery


What happens if

I don’t

What happens if

I marry myself

What happens if

Marriage ceases

To exist

What happens if

I get married

All at once

To everybody

What happens if

I marry you

What happens if

You marry me

What happens if

He proposes to me

On the doorstep

Chunky diamond cluster

In a box

What happens if


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Villtur Augum



I am watching the dancing winds

turn the tumbling diamonds

of snow.

Crystals of down

float to the earth.

Crystals turn to tears as they fall

onto panes of longing glass.

Glass that saps the warmth

from my outstretched palms.

The East winds breathe snowstorms

turning shadows of trees to ghosts

and I wonder where you are.

I canno...

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