the death

too much darkness

no light

i see gas masks around me

too much darkness

i need more light

why do you want to harm me?

why do you hate me so?

why try to suffocate me?

why do you not want me to have my rights?

why should I care for those blacker than midnight?

when all civilities cease maybe then you will understand-

until I get my own I will care for no other man-

and don't you dare call me selfish

when you took bread from my hand.


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Rachel Bond

Mon 8th Mar 2010 13:15

love the lines 'dont call me selfish
when you took bread from my hand'
brilliant. Cerys Matthews once wrote, 'you sold the honey to the poor' and everytime i sing along I change it to 'you sold the honey to the bees' some man will try to sell you your original thought...
i would sell money to the poor...but not really. I offered a guy begging some food once and he threw it on the ground complaining he just wanted cash...i suppose poverty is more than the lack of cash.
thanks for this poem x

<Deleted User> (7073)

Mon 18th Jan 2010 12:15

Yes it is easy to critcise those who take when they have nothing,Thougtful albeit a dark poem, and if anybody does try to shoot you Beula, I would be one of the first inline with my shield ;-)

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Andy N

Mon 18th Jan 2010 08:29

interesting stuff - i wasn't expecting the poem to develop the way it did from the first line.. but i like it - last two lines in particular..

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