Man Overboard

After laughter

ribbing over The Golden Rivet

and who was Blossom giving it to tonight?

A sudden screech

and thirty sunbrowned arms

shielding Pale Northern Eyes

from the burning sun.

And sommat's comin'

Sommat's comin'

kicking the fanny over

sluice with soapy bubble of

rum and oil and water.

And man the fuckin' gun Tom.

Man the fuckin' gun.

but Roy, sliding stupid

On the rinse, feet dancing

knocked his face off the post

and slid, slipped over

Slipped under

off into the.


Clear blue sky.

The shielding arms come down

they plant their 58 feet.

Dum dum

and look and wonder.

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winston plowes

Fri 5th Mar 2010 21:30

This is amazing Rachel . Missed it somehow. grabbed me by the throat (P.S. Thats a good thing). Win

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Rodney Wood

Fri 29th Jan 2010 21:45

It's great to see stuff that stands out from the crowd, like a purple cow in a field Jerseys.

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 27th Jan 2010 12:10

Don't get him out of your system Rach, he is part of you. Sometimes our friendly ghosts pop back to haunt us for a while I think, just to see how we're doing!

<Deleted User> (7212)

Tue 26th Jan 2010 20:09

so really you're a "Stealth Bomber"

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Rachel McGladdery

Tue 26th Jan 2010 20:08

I know you did Ann and am very grateful for it, it just struck me that all the comments on the man overboard one could be really really funny if you pretended they were about the Poo one....I wasn't being very clear was I? :)
As for the masculinity thing, I am stuck at the moment writing about my late grandad, I must've written 3 this week that have ended up being about him. I dunno why, it's not the anniversary or anything and he's been dead 6 years but also a lot of the things I remember about him were about war and the navy and drinking. Think I'll get it out of my system eventually.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 26th Jan 2010 19:56

I did comment on THIS poem too Rachelpoo! It's a totally diferent kettle of fish. Your latest output (no, I'm not talking about poos again!) seems to be taking a more masculine turn. V Interesting! xxx

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Rachel McGladdery

Tue 26th Jan 2010 19:43

Yeah, it was him indoors indeed....I'm more of a five second stealth evacuator myself and rarely produce marvels!But look everyone...if you read these comments as if they were on the poo poem instead, it's hilarious!!!I've just laughed myself silly, and I haven't even touched a drop!Thanks for the comments everyone btw,lotsa loveRachxxx

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 26th Jan 2010 18:42

No Mr Banksyperson, it was her HUSBAND that squeeezed it out previously (so she says!!)

<Deleted User> (7212)

Tue 26th Jan 2010 15:52

I see you've squeezed out another fine one :)

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 26th Jan 2010 09:06

Makes you catch your breath somehow. Very good. xx

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Greg Freeman

Tue 26th Jan 2010 00:13

This is very powerful, Rachel, tight, economical, uneasy and tense. It made me think of the Falklands war, and an Exocet missile coming out of a clear blue sky at one of our ships. I might be a bit off course, but that's what my navigation chart is telling me. Greg

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