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As Is--.He Is As He He Is.


Another outlook

Another view

Uncoloured by perception

Created by Truth.


For in truth the ‘outsider’ artist

is neither within nor without

but above all, and reaching up.

Reaching not looking

Not looking for, but knowing

And being the one person they are.

For truly all artists

Whether within or without

Once unbounded

Are seers – historians Judges

Builders(‘) instructors


And jokers no doubt.


For to laugh at humanity

To laugh at oneself

Is a sign not of madness

But of sincerely good health

Indicating an awareness

Of a knowledge so wide

That it seems

By osmosis

That the ‘artist outside’

Is full of






Hence the understanding

That to live is enough

To acknowledge the creator


Puts one in touch

In touch with the other artists

And those that have life

But even most assuredly

With love…….



The love of beauty,

of what is and what was

Not hoping for a future

Yet going into

The realm of what shall be

Without fear or trepidation

but with trust

That what was was


That what is is real

And therefore what shall be



 Not destiny or fate.








Unhindered therefore by constraints

Of man’s own making

 The artist outside

Has clear vision and clear thinking

Not wishes or dreams

Of what could be or could have been

But acceptance of life

As is

Never examining or unpicking its seams.



For like the ‘embroidered cloths’ of Heaven

The art is not taught

But given

Graphically.  Like scenes within an act


The action being living.

For the world is the stage

Where artist like actor

Plays through

Feet planted on the earth

Never questioning or doubting

Whether it is God’s footstool:


For if it is, it is enough

To be at the feet of God

And if it is not

Then the artist is not bothered




He has the wealth of treasure

Of things seen and unforeseen

These are his materials

Physic-al means

For him to create

Himself a creator

A creator who knows

That life with all its ups & downs

Is like the earth’s surface



Yet hard in places

And he feeds off


Ignoring the thorns

as he smells

The roses




So as He stands

Above all

Reaching up

He neither looks

Backwards nor forwards

Nor up nor down

Not looking

Though seeing

The future unfold

And he knows that his work



his ‘Art’ in truth

Is worthy and accepted and that too

Is enough.


So the future  unfolding

In what he sees

Is not fraught with dangers or enemies


He sees the world

as is

And therefore as shall be

Knowing that he and his art ‘work’

Has brought it into being.



For though a little beauty or a piffling thing

His gift of pleasurable amusing

Or contemplative art

Has helped someone



And therein his future starts.


In the rapture of the moment

The Moment of Truth

The moment of power

The power of sight

When the ‘insider’ sees the picture

And the picture is




He sees the Artist


Not as an ‘outsider’

But as a gifted


equal to him in



In rank

For without this rank ‘outsider’

All would be dark

With no joy no gui-dance


‘lifting up’.



So lifting his eyes

From art to artiste

The ‘insider’ discovers a-new

The ‘outsider’

As the artist


A builder in truth


Knows that he is one

Within creation

Though without

And hence


(A) blessed...



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neil gardiner

Sat 16th Jan 2010 22:43

Hi Beulah. Thanks for your recent comments. I think all good poetry should sound "familiar" and to an extent it should appeal to the inner child. Thank you for your comments which I find mostly cryptic and difficult to interpret. But ta anyway. Not sure that the type face in "As Is. . "is the easiest to scan but hey ho.

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Sun 3rd Jan 2010 09:06

hi and thanks for your comments. This one was done after the Artist Talking to Artist one which was comissioned for an art gallery showing of Outsider and Insider Artists, there are other terms but mainly it was about the raw/natural talent of untrained or homeless, jailed etc having an exhibition with the art school grads and such like, without competition but working together via workshops...debating merits get the picture; and as I was known to someone involved they asked for a suitable poem. This one though was more my response from having been involve. The project was organised by Hannah Hull. Thanks again.

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Sun 3rd Jan 2010 00:38

happy new year all and to all a happy new year

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