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I kinda get it ‘cause the snow ain’t been that bad in thirty years

And every other bed were took up with old dears

But I just slept, I weren’t shouting out like the rest

I didn’t need no help with washing or getting myself dressed

I weren’t pissing me bed and blaming the nurse

Who interspersed skin piercing, heart monitoring care

With telling me off and making it worse

I weren’t demanding diagnoses off over-worked doctors

Or shoving my neuroses in other people’s faces

Like one dear’s rashes making her itch in awkward places

And give grief to each tea lady as she passed

It’s not like I even wanted to be there or anywhere really

Didn’t exactly go there willingly

Didn’t wanna be a burden on the NHS

Taking up their much-needed bed

Swaddled in the aftermath of my own doing

I couldn’t remember being dragged down that path

Had no recollection of being in the car

Can’t remember standing and queuing 

Or sitting on piss-proof chairs

Amidst blood and guts and doom and gloom

In yet another uninspiring waiting room

Didn’t have a clue how it got this far

I’d had booklets and pamphlets and waiting lists

Promises and tablets and more tablets and yet more tablets

I’d taken enough from them

I’d taken too much of them

But he still stuck with me all the way through

Spent his last three pounds and 50p

On a card for telly I’d never see

‘Cause when you’ve exceeded the stated dose

You can’t help but sleep but he still stayed close

Was there every time I came to

Sat there all day with nowt to do, nowt to eat

On that piss-proof chair with every old dear there

Asking him when their injections were due

Or if he knew ‘when me son will get here?’

I kinda get it ‘cause the snow ain’t been that bad for time

And every bed were took up like mine

But I just slept, was talked to a bit, then left

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