slithering sediment

bottomoceanbound transmissions
untamed aggression turns the water black
the patient
commits suicide in the operating theatre
his last action: resisting the anasthetic

the guitar strings break
disrupting the outoftune melodies
the orchestra falls silent amongst the stars
piercing themselves with their instruments;
the musicians lips are sown together

               | no...

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weed seeds on a cumtissue


god's cunt hovers between
the overcast and the catseye sky
dripping droplets of damnation
burning through our backeyes


profane propaganda
highlighted by domino streetbulbs
gritbeacons of artifice
an overrated spectacle
the leafs only friend
selling chlorophyll for colour


jittering joints adjust to the majesty
of steadfast automation
clutching to ...

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autumn evening journey

a girl in a black jumper
covers her face with her arms
seemingless attempt to mask herself
either from the october cold
or the empty seats inside the restaurant

an empty medicine strip lays on the floor
next to a mercedes
stripped of its hood ornament
like a bald lion...


descending down the stone stairs
its impossible
not to spot three asian stoners

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reflections of faces laughing
from the windows
the complexions and complexities
of their emotion
detailed by the trains shadow

by the train vanishing
faces turn ...

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droning light afterswagger

droning lightsculpture
chequered office hub
above the lavalamps
at streetlevel;
morphing hazeglowers

strangled by snakewires
a last smoke filled lungful

dot to dot 21st c. birdseye view


headscratching suitwearers are
placing spare change out of order
on the dusty gritridden pavements
their sweatsoaked suits

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pest inspection

10am on a wednesday
off sick from work

feels like there's a
in the back of my throat

if you have educated nostrels
you could smell remnants of hashmoke
making yr nosehairs tingle n' sway

bong is hidden, ashtray stashed away,
(as per the smoking ban 1st july 2007)

the plants in my windowsil are all dead
plucked rotting leaves and stems
are stacked...

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husk of dust

a grey hollowhusk of dust
casting a silhouette on the time piece
an eye loses a lash in the final curtain call

the creaking radiator
vain attempts to provide adaquate warmth
sparks from an epiphany singeing the fibres

the last drop of alcohol
the forseen splash absorbed by the carpet
a dustmite liquororgy shadowed by an empty bottle

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flying over a country makes you feel nostalgic if you've done it before
just knowing you're there above all the greens and all the blues
all the people you've once met but will never see again
whilst they gaze at the morning sun

you have pierced the clouds;
which appear like the peelable skin
on the top of a warm glass of milk

awaiting the turbulence and turmoil
and to rej...

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tube death

(the passengers board and the alarm sounds
the doors close and seal us in
the air is thin; purity has left us, we are sin

the carriage jolts forth and we commence our last journey
the light evaporates as the heat consumes us)


demons latch onto the roof
wailing as the concatenated carriages descend into darkness

tormenting screeches deafen the oblivious passengers
who are happy to submerge themselves in...

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on the hills yonder
cloudragonmouth lays

his head descending down the valley
a black peril
spawned by the wind

he floats as fire burns

born of chance, his image etched on the hillside
scorching the grass


silencing the trickling
                             harmonic rhythm
he disenchants rainbows with his blazinglare

a redkite hover frenzy
cloudragonmouth swoops

looming over the ...

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ode to the thought sniper

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ode to the thought sniper



[ copyright owen calvert 2009 ]

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randomidnightreflections iii

swim on a sunset cloud into tomorrow
dot the stars with eyes
forget yesterday's sorrow and drown in the moment

spring gives us summer to our step
perhaps there's life out there afterall


the moon is blooming
as hash rocks plummet to the floor
like comets
to whatever lays beside my feet

[ copyright owen calvert 2009 ]

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untitled tube poem

i become a droplet of water

as i meander to and fro in this stream of human flesh

leaking into the subterraneous chasms that are the underground


each person is submerged with me; morphing into a bitter wave of water on the silver escalators

smashing against the next level of the intricate architecture


colourful scabs of advertising and neon promises of a 'way ou...

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stolen stars aka. any excuse to call london a cunt

i see a single sparkling star in the sky

something must have stolen the others

some might say its leading our way to bethlehem

i say its a symbol of some kind of optimism


others fail to relish in its natural beauty

blinded by the smog and deafened by forgotten conversations


yeah, something certainly stole the stars - london! you cunt!

you've made the moon blush itself black!

for the love of fuck! gi...

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