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To Fellow Poets




                                  To Fellow Poets


if my mind worked

like your mind

where is the joy in that

because your ideas

broaden my ideas

you thrill me

perhaps I would not say it

exactly so

but enough so

to understand your thrust and pull

to glory in your view of things

all things

I find

the halo of humanity

is receptivity



Cynthia Buell Thomas



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Thu 4th Feb 2010 17:27

Hi Cynthia,
Loved this poem's message,especially the first line,
"If my mind worked like your mind,where is the joy in that?".

Well observed sentiments!

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 28th Jan 2010 20:50

Cynthia, I think the third line should be "where would be the joy in that" just a tense change.
I liked the pared down delivery. Less is more, makes us all work harder.

<Deleted User> (6470)

Wed 27th Jan 2010 23:28

Nice one Cynthia, I completely agree with this!

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Wed 27th Jan 2010 19:44

You have expressed the sentiments of many Cynthia...

I especially like the first verse:
'if my mind worked
like your mind
where is the joy in that'

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Wed 27th Jan 2010 19:15

John - you never cease to make me laugh, belly laugh in fact...A lovely poem Cynthia - and I would agree very much with Greg's comment. I think reading the work of others has helped me enormously in writing my own. It is also fascinating to see the world through the eyes of others - even if they do see things very differently. Your poem sums it up beautifully without being obsequious.

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John Aikman

Wed 27th Jan 2010 18:39

Well, ignoring the obvious sexual sub text, you are right! :)

Spare, clear and completely...errr, complete!



: )


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Greg Freeman

Wed 27th Jan 2010 18:27

The mood and content of this poem reflects the spirit of WOL at its best, and your own generosity in the way you comment on other people's work, Cynthia.

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 27th Jan 2010 12:07

Lovely last verse! I echo all your thoughts here Cynthia. xxx

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kath hewitt

Wed 27th Jan 2010 12:04

I like this ;)

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