They Can Be Polished



It was exquisite,

A satin finish

Like lightly oiled plasticine

Not quite gloss

Just enough lubrication

To leave a fraction of friction

So the frisson

Of it’s exit was palpable

Turd doesn’t cover it.

A light tan,

And tapered towards the end-


Not snapped off

Before it’s time.

It smelt of Indian

But merely a hint

The spice lent by transmission


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Dave Bradley

Wed 27th Jan 2010 11:26

Enjoyed this Rachel. Good fun and some cracking phrases. Takes it one stage further than my 'Softer', which was a crap poem compared to this.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 25th Jan 2010 12:21

A good relationship covers all subjects. Absolutely hilarious.

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Rachel McGladdery

Sun 24th Jan 2010 22:16

Tee hee! Glad you all enjoyed my crap sense of humour! (snigger)My other half was appalled when I said I'd put this on here, bless him, he's mortified that you all know he does poos now!
Ta fer the comments and jokes,

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 24th Jan 2010 20:11

this blog is really going down the pan

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Sun 24th Jan 2010 18:21

Love the title and the humour - just up my street... So this is what you produce when you involve a man in the equation - I should have known it! x

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 24th Jan 2010 18:17

The next time I go I will be anticipating the fraction of friction with some trepidation. Well done Rachel, I'd like to say it was a stinker but I guess you had to be there. Graham

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 24th Jan 2010 16:52

Holy shit batman - quick pencil & paper...... I feel a blog coming on

Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 24th Jan 2010 16:30

So this is what is has come to!-MY SAINTED AUNT!already she is heading to the futt of 'ar stairs.And as for my flabber?-its never been so ghasted!I see you are quick to shift the blame McGladders!almost amounts to being shit on.Beautifully disgraceful!I shall only speak to you in future,when obliged to thank you for commenting on my poems regarding each one as werk of 'eart! good read Rach-albeit with hand over schnozz!-Stefanitelynotnicexx

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Rachel McGladdery

Sun 24th Jan 2010 15:46

This was a joint effort between me and my other half (he provided the subject matter):) I didn't see it by the way, it was merely reported to me! I'm not THAT odd!

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