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I once had a blog which I entitled 'Good Morning World.' The idiots I had the displeasure to be on teacher training with ripped me for my confessionals. The blog still exists. Do I still exist or have I changed inexorably since all those mutterings three or four years back? Perhaps I'll leave a comment in the comments box calling the author a jerk. Yeah, I'll have a go at my old self. Will he get back to me? Gone is the sensitive, twenty-five/six year old. Here I am all grown up and quite prepared to tear the old me down. May the best man win...

Meanwhile, here's my new blog. It's a new year - a new start. And this blog's as sullen and mean-spirited as the old one. Perhaps there was no change after all?

Crikes, there really should have been.

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John Turner

Mon 11th Jan 2010 11:51

You're speaking of 'Left Over' in the samples section? Many thanks. I will be sure to check out your work soon.

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