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‘Am I at a CROSSROADS?’ she wailed,

Dropping her face into her hands, despairing.


‘Well,’ a little voice spoke up, from somewhere,

‘You didn’t say T JUNCTION.’


‘Whaaat!  What’s the difference?’ she moaned,

(not quite altogether but alert enough to question).


‘Choice,’ said  the wispy voice.

‘Three instead of two – directions, I mean.

One presumes one is not going backwards.

Nor,’  blathered on the wheezy whisper,

‘Did you specify - END OF THE ROAD as in



‘Good grief! Do I need this pointless palaver?’

She groaned, exasperated by the interference,

Wanting  only to wallow at will.


‘Obviously, you do,’ came the rather curt reply,

‘Your choice of predicament will dictate your progression

And thus the means of proceeding,

And therefore you will clearly see - (elaborate pregnant pause) -

That greatly over-touted but potently reliable



‘Oh shut up. Just shut up!

You weasly, pompous, textbook -  tongue!’

(The juicy adjectives tasted delicious and ‘tongue’ was quite artsy.)


The little voice chortled wickedly,

‘Ah, but you’re thinking – you’re thinking.

Get some backbone, Woman!

Drop the Pink Petunia act.



Move it!’


So - she made a cuppa,  found a pad and pencil, and started lists,

With the merest hint of a skewed smile.

‘Bloody Bossy Boots!’


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winston plowes

Tue 19th Jan 2010 23:53

great dialogue piece. liked it. Win

<Deleted User> (7073)

Tue 19th Jan 2010 18:56

The voice sounds like it is some sort of Jinn.. a wish made for... and subsequently the wisher is unsure... of course I am probably wrong. Keep up the 'Tossing off' you two.......;-)

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Andy N

Tue 19th Jan 2010 08:16

i like this cynthia in particular to crossroads and then in the next stanza - t junction.. clever stuff..

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 18th Jan 2010 13:13

Cynthia, I am sure you could never sound like a twit! And all my poems are "toss-offs" as you call them. The only one I've ever planned out was South with Endurance, and no one seemed very struck with it. Regarding this poem, not sure if I quite get it. Half way through I thought you were having an argument with your SAT NAV. But I guess that's a metaphor, or the road of life is. Will read it a few more times. But thanks for all your comments, esp recent one for Mon Girl.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 18th Jan 2010 11:44

I am so divided about the value of 'toss-offs' being posted before a period of 'settling' has passed, for further consideration of ideas and expressions. I'm messing around too. This is my third effort at relative spontaneity.

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