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Thaumaturgically Charged

Now I have released the Beast

I send it forth

Tail whipping; teeth snatching

the old

the young


thither and yon

until thaumaturgically charged

it breaks forth

Lightning striking

red slash/

and lo


black and gold

until thaumaturgically charged

it knows....


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halloween; fire. darkgothicscarypeacelove

Blip Blip

Is is safe to surface now?

is it safe to come out?

from under the radar??


Is it safe to surface now?

Is  it safe to come out?

into  the light??


is it safe?

To tell the truth........



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warnuclear wintersafetyversecomfortlovefreedom

one life

love is forever

so is life

one feeds the other

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Scene 13

love is forever

charity is forever true

friendship is neither

and life puts them both in the blue.

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no connecting(for Janet and all loud writers whom I love...without connection)

i like you all in cyber-space

not sure i'd like you to your face

in fact  i know i definitely not

would like you such a lot


you came into my face without permission

invaded my space and pervaded my person

made me feel like a guest in my own


mi casa no es su casa

my life is mine to lead

i do not sit in your place of authority

i do not he...

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separationlift offlovefriendshipmarriage

growing Up well

My life is not an open book
for just anyone to read
yet my life has no secrets
that cannot be revealed.

some people revel in revelation
Some like to gossip a lot
some like to know secrets
Thinking it puts them on top.

Truth is the more you know
the less able you are to discern
So busy gathering secrets
you forget to learn

that Life is its own revelation
We sho...

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loverevelationlogicmy lifelifesecrecysecrets


I've cried my last cry

I've shed my last tear.

Now my time has come

I shall dis-appear.

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timetiming. Light



tweet tweet not twitter


dance of death 


ashes to ashes

the fire flames


I rise I rise.

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lifereal life

To TC and the loud writers

I am not Thaaumaturgically Charged

But thaumaturgically challenged

I like his input

no matter he hides from Facebook

Because I understand the need for Privacy.


So I sit in my privvy

Not thinking at all

Hoping that TC

will someday call.

Love to Janet and the others too who make this space worthwhile.

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Valentine's Day- A Little Folly

Valentine Valentino came from Spain

or some such whereabouts

he had a hooked nose, a crooked smile

and eyes brown like fresh dung.


Valentine Valentino came to my space

played his way in my life

he had a tanned skin, a lithe body

and hair the colour of dung.


valentine valentino came, needless to say

to circle my head  in pain

he gave me a labot...

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Me Myself and I----A Mermaids Song

Jameson  Archers Bells

Gordon's  Captain Morgan  Smirnoff

Guinness  Tia Maria  Baileys

Pernod  Carlsberg and Strongbow


Days made up of these.


Sunny Days

Silk Cut days

Silk Cut nights

Sand between the toes


Blue water

white blue skies

music  disco

Breakfast on the Pier


Days  well made


tailored to suit


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The Rose

The flowers unfold

as I pick the rose

walking in the park

way after dark

with my boyfriend.


I lift the rose

as i climb the fence

wondering what the passer-by thinks

of me and my boyfriend.


he lends me a hand

as he stands on the pavement

smiling with his eyes

this handsome man,

my boyfriend.


the passer-by stops

as i be...

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the death

too much darkness

no light

i see gas masks around me

too much darkness

i need more light

why do you want to harm me?

why do you hate me so?

why try to suffocate me?

why do you not want me to have my rights?

why should I care for those blacker than midnight?

when all civilities cease maybe then you will understand-

until I get my own I will care for no...

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For Fidelity.

I sit alone

you do not sit with me

i sit alone

i do not want your company

i sit alone.


i stand alone

you do not stand with me

i stand alone

you do not stand beside me

i stand alone.


do not stand behind me

do not stand before

do not stand


do not sit

do not walk

do not be beside me.


what ever I do I do alone


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Artist Talking-To Artist

Artist talking to artist

 As Light to Light
No outsiders hearing
What viewers have in sight.
The colours of the paintings
Reflects the artists thoughts
Though the onlookers never know
The artist’s. Mind.
Artist talking to Artist
Like words from a book
Pictures revealing
Their outlook
One slash here, a line there
A rounded curve
A mountain
A landscape.  A portrait
Of dots connecting dots
As ...

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realnurturen artistslovereal lifeflowing

As Is--.He Is As He He Is.


Another outlook

Another view

Uncoloured by perception

Created by Truth.


For in truth the ‘outsider’ artist

is neither within nor without

but above all, and reaching up.

Reaching not looking

Not looking for, but knowing

And being the one person they are.

For truly all artists

Whether within or without

Once unbounded

Are seers – historians Judges

Builders(‘) instructors



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Artist Supporting Artist

Artist supporting Artist

Supporting Art


Not underground

Not under the radar

But above it.




Artist supporting artist

Paintings on the wall

Not hanging by a thread

Not hung at all

But painted onto it.


The wall being the backdrop

On which the artisan paints

The back ground

For every artist’s palette.


Etchings, sketchings,

Lines and hills

Dips and gullies



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naturenurturen artistsearthcollaborationcommunitynetworksworldfamilytruth

No Warning

No Warning



I hung up me guns;

But for you, you cunt

I’ll take ‘em down


Don’t push me

I’m at the end of my tether

I love peace, love, freedom

You love neither.


I’ll give you a bit o’ Irish

‘Cause we know how to war

You might know aggression, oppression

But we’ve whipped that before…


I hung up me guns;

But for you, you cunt

I’ll take ‘em down


Don’t push me…


I lov...

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irishwar poetryfighting talk.

An Artist’s Reflections



My Life is not my art
My art is not my life
Yet we are like husband and wife-
When you know my Art
You begin to know me.
Life is not Art
Art is not Life
Yet they are like reflections
When you know life
You begin to know Art.
Life does not imitate Art
Neither should Art imitate Life
For when art is at its purest
You begin to know

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Trees with dark green leaves

Pock-mark the urban landscape

Like beauteous sores.  Oases

In an otherwise unblemished bleakness


Out of place in their naturalness

Rooted in the brown earth

Amid the artificially stunted grass

With an innocent hedge there misplaced.


Trees casting their shadow

Providing shade from the sunlight

That gives them their strength and colour

A contrast heig...

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natureearthfriends of the earthplanetlifehumanity

Going Home




Cars bumper to bumper


Trucks, buses, coaches


Engine noises,



People walking

Cell phones to ears

Hand in hand

Close together,



Women chatting

Buddies hugging

The traffic moves

Relief – freedom

Like a dam burst


All travelling

Going in the same direction.


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puityartpaintingreal lifelifemovementriverflowing

At the Core




There is no santa claus

that is all tripe

it amounts to emotional abuse

by hypocrites

who instead of telling their children the truth

feed them a lie

and then bemoan when their children's trust is blown

not acknowledging that the seed was sown

all the years they repeatedly said

a fat man in a red suit with white trimmings

loves you more than your own

never realising that bribi...

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The Conclusion.




But the mind of the artist

Is what He minds

That to which he tends

That to which




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EEK! (With acknnowledgement and apologies to Coleridge?)

John Gilpin was a citizen of credit and renown
A train band captain eek was he
of good ole London town....

Well John Gilpin is no longer
and london no more a town
but to be a true citizen
is worth of credit and renown.

the values, they have scuppered
many lost upon the track
of railroaded progression
with loads of looking back.
how can the train go forward
if it is facing abaft?
though it has two faces
it ...

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Hope Square



Hope Square

A Place where

People linger and stare


Watching as others go by

While some sit eating

Smoking drinking.


What a cruel name, Hope Square

For a place where

Nothing actually happens.



An ugly man passes my line of vision

I sigh……..


Burgers and fries

From McDonald’s, which claims

It is “going that extra mile”

To protect the environment

From their litt...

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basic as I am getting going



Wholesome food    

comes from the ground -

The earth.


The grass goes into the cow -

Comes out as milk

Helps to flavour the beef.


The wheat provides the flour.


The pellets the chickens eat

Are scattered on the ground -

From whence they came.


The bird feed

From the earth’s trees –

It’s seed.


Fished from the waters -

Sea food meals

And seaweed sweets.


The ...

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