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Artist Talking-To Artist

Artist talking to artist

 As Light to Light
No outsiders hearing
What viewers have in sight.
The colours of the paintings
Reflects the artists thoughts
Though the onlookers never know
The artist’s. Mind.
Artist talking to Artist
Like words from a book
Pictures revealing
Their outlook
One slash here, a line there
A rounded curve
A mountain
A landscape.  A portrait
Of dots connecting dots
As he paints by numbers
The texture of the  product
That he wants to make
Connecting with canvas as rough as he is taut
Artist ,  talking to Artist
As Light to Light
Soundlessly, Truthfully
A ‘secret’ society
That only they know.
No schools of artistry
Can teach these men
How the stroke of a pen  or brush;
Soft charcoal or  hard pencil or  lino cut
Expresses the Deep  within
Where no sound is heard
Releasing the Being
The Leviathan
From the well’s spring.
Artist speaking to Artist
Of another genre
Of another Age
Is still of one purpose
If all is true.
As poetry speaks to speaker
And painting to Painter
So the Word unfolds the picture
That is seen by both musician and Sculptor
And  those that are not only Actors,
And partakers in the world in focucs,
Like a circus
Caught by the camera’s gaze,

But aslo by those outside the lens-

The performers
Whom no one wants to notice
Except of course, the Artist.


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