We were a strange eutectic mix that summer

Clattering our bikes and rods down farmer’s tracks

In search of perfect swims and privacy.


I had, by nodding agreement,

the best collection of floats, spinners and spoons

arranged by size and colour, in the best box.

You were the only boy I ever lent one.


Approaching, in Apache crouch, our favourite pool

I wave you behind me and, unwisely, as it turned out,

you complied.


I slickly click the bail arm back and curl my finger round the line.

A threatening tree necessitates the lowest flick and with a swish

I whip the rod tip out towards the sun.


Your tears were hot.

Your breath - sherbert and frightened dandelions.


Later, Dr.Wooley surprised us both

By cutting through your cheek and releasing all my hooks intact.

When I called, your mother said,

‘Martin’s not coming out today’.


You were the biggest thing I caught that year.


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Fri 4th Feb 2011 10:02

That was breathtaking... the 'breath- sherbert and frightened dandelions' is full of impact and in the moment. I took pleasure in the reading of this and witnessing the unfolding tale.

Rachel Bond

Wed 24th Feb 2010 11:55

great poem. have you ever read a book called 'the wrong boy'. I loved it and would recommend based on this poem. bitter sweet and sadly beautiful.

<Deleted User> (7430)

Thu 4th Feb 2010 13:49

Hi there john. Very

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neil gardiner

Sun 31st Jan 2010 20:23

Hi John. Great poem. Really like the subject and the way it was written. Ta for your comments also.
Regards Neil

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 28th Jan 2010 20:52

Piscator Grandis!

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winston plowes

Wed 27th Jan 2010 12:17

Hi John... from the top drawer of the nostalgia cabinet this one. Nice story. hope the frendship survived between the 2 characters.

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 27th Jan 2010 11:58

Hi John - re your message to me about this poem - I guess the fact that Martin was the only one who you wanted to lend your stuff too is the only clue. Maybe you could have ended "You were the best thing I caught that year". And I must look up eutectic! You old showoff!! ;-) xxx

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 27th Jan 2010 11:50

This really is one of those poems worth collecting as 'favourites'. So many lines are so good: 'Approaching in Apache crouch' and 'your breath - sherbert and frightened dandelions' are just to support this point.

<Deleted User> (7073)

Tue 26th Jan 2010 22:26

Great poem ;-)) I had a mate like that once too.... I shot him in the back as he rode past on his bicycle with a Hawthorn Berry I'd loaded in my air rifle..... (he fell off) wouldn't play with me after that!! can't think why ??heh...
TC ;-)

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Rachel McGladdery

Tue 26th Jan 2010 19:52

I, like Isobel, must have a dark sense of humour too cos I laughed!I did enjoy the poem, I'm a sucker for nostalgia, very evocative.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 26th Jan 2010 18:40

Funny, I wasn't at all surprised that it was you who had the best collection of floats, spinners and spoons and that they were all arranged in a pretty cool box too! ;-) I love poems about childhood memories, and this is jolly good! Hope you are still friends! xx

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Tue 26th Jan 2010 18:37

Maybe I have a very black sense of humour but this really made me laugh!

I started off by thinking it was going to be a boring old poem about fishing - I should have know better...

I fell for it hook, line and sinker!


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