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Passing of the past.

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Stood tall and strong and proud they had

been with him though each year

become akin to family,

through plough and drill and shear

sheltered and protected him

held off weather's assails

comforted him at times of rest

guided his hard travails

As friends, they kept their counsel closed

whilst provoking contemplation

they stripped him as they too laid bare

exposing all...

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Hand of dust

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As I stood there ’twixt tree and stream

I saw afar a distant dream

and in its hazy shadow's wake

appeared a cleft, such fractured break

that shook from root to very core

as through the tear, the port, the door

stabbed fearsome vision no return

with eyes to freeze and breath to burn

it lunged and launched a shattered thought

and from the dust a hand it wrought

so took ...

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Can you see my flies?

entry picture

In they fly then out again

and annoy me in between

they buzz around haphazardly

what does it really mean?

Where do they go, what do they seek

is there really any clue?

I've no idea what flies are for,

No, no idea, have you?




From C to A (backwards)

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entry picture

Look not beyond the greys of poses and frozen moments

nor beyond the illiterate pleas of soiled men

scribbled lines a gift of comfort

scan merely to acknowledge an existence

a time of once and then

of past and gone

delve not into sacrifice and duty

of loyalty and trust

seek not to understand belonging and cause

avoid perception of a society long diminished

stay mindfu...

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Repeat please

entry picture
I haven't had the time, you know,
or so it seems to seem,
to write a few few lines for you
and remind just what it means
to have you with me day on day,
quite often regularly,
warming, warming mind and balls
and leading beautifully
my thoughts, those thoughts
so deep and wide,
so broad and oft defined,
and honed and focused lustfully
upon your sweet behind.

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She loves me not...

entry picture

She loves me not she tries to say

in her gentle, unconvincing way,

with eyes that warm

and lips that glide

her heart and mine collude, confide.

She does not care, but care she must,

I know she lies, herself I trust,

but what of me, what thoughts are held

when reticent, restrained, compelled?

Does she feel that which I feel too,

no choices now but to pursue

whilst h...

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Silent calling

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Come to me my lover,

come to me with blind eyes,

with helpless cause and hopeful mind...

bring to me your all, that which has never be known to another.

Kneel your world, your everything before me,

lay before me as you lay yourself bare.

Though all my bidding is forbidden.

Though your calling must be silent,

hidden from any save our entwined souls.

A heady brew, that tas...

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The Kissing Gate

entry picture

Lay bare foot crisp on roasted stems

of wild grasses, dust trod blades

once herald of lush pasture soon

now fallen heroes of the storm.

Strewn before each stride performed

not noted save the random bur

or hidden needle of the pine

bows lying over path by path.

Inviting all to gates below

where creaks have lived these forty years

escaping every visit's turn

soil scr...

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What comes around could be avoided.

entry picture

Could you hurt me, yes you could

though would you hurt me, no

but what if hurt it came about

and you weren't there to know

What if it struck and cut me down

or slowly crept upon

me like a fog, a rolling mist

with you unseen and gone

where would I turn that pain to bare

with no one to placate

around in circles once again

myself alone to hate.

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Who's afraid of the Goat

entry picture

Sad mind,

under your dark cloud where cold rain propagated the poetic sense,

identifier of the dirty Jew.

That inward mind,

so conscious of body, mind full of dress,

were you coherent to all but yourself, on days

and constantly reversible on others.

Did you fuck and suck and lick your way around your set

midst daubs of paint and flowery words

that patted one back after a...

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aiM in the opposite direction.

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Hey sullen girl with innocence and intrigue so combined

who's apprehensive reticence leaves desire so confined

when will you make that daring move

when will you make that stand

do you need a gentle push

or should I take you hand

are you to be just whisked away, transported to that place

where morning, noon and during night those wants you've had to face

deep feelings stirre...

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Bar none

entry picture

Her legs were shadowed by those of the stool

which propped her askew the bar,

knees pointing out each man that entered the gloom.

Slim, delicate, instinctive fingers wrapped the stem of an invitingly empty glass,

face lowered, eyes raised,

a skirt, with business-like immodesty held her thighs,

jacket separating her, part androgynous, part very much the woman of the room

Her co...

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Think again.

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And so the will, my bloody will

turns drip, turns run, turns flow

and from my core to heights I soar

erupting deep below

be overwhelmed, be lost beware

be careful but be you

for all I give you truly want

I know, you know, I knew

so lay you back, so cast aside

each shackle, tie and lead

and liberate all held within

the truth can then be freed

invite, embrace, rec...

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ص. ممنوع, محظور, محرم

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Such tenderness contained within

her dusky, taught and youthful skin

that sets my dancing eyes alight

and sources man's most base delight.

Amidst temptation's lame restraint

lurks deep the urge to mark and taint

an innocence so surely flawed

as desired as it's adored.

What is a reasoned mind to do

resist the will or just pursue

to claim the offered chastity


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Lady of the White Mountain land.

entry picture

You want my love


..and I you


what will it be we need to do


to share a touch, a slow embrace


to read the other lover's face?


So many reasons, intertwined


my only wish that you should find


the lightest feeling, ache of need


to make a union succeed


in placing deep within that part


that reaches further to your heart



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