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You grannies

you old wise ones,

not always saying enough

or maybe too much

with benefit of hindsight

and desperate for someone else's future.


You've seen the comings and goings

old wounds opened up

fresh ones with dawns and sunsets

and you don't always want to say

what you feel knowing

that young ones cannot kneel


yet one day when distances are blurred


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Also by ray pool:




Ubiquitous it was and spry

And yet in hindsight seemed

A personable sort of fly

Liked to get one over you

When opportunities arose

Liked poking its proboscis

Into unguarded consumables


It was that sort of fly

You could swipe at

Until blue in the face

Yet somehow it returned

Time and time again

An insufferable pain

Perhaps it giggled mirt...

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Coming of age

The middle is where she stands 
The place to pick a path
Where all the responsibility lands
She just has to do the math

Decide where she's going 
What she will become
Theres only knowing 
Where she's come from 

The rest is a mystery 
Written only in her story
It will all become history 
Whether failure or glory 

Right now she is still
Calm in the moment 
Work hard she will

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Also by Alonelymouse:

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Divergent Paths

Though among the chosen,
Judah opted to cross floor,
Out of his way,
Heading to the path of the fallen!

In a spectacular way
Breaking loose from
The tight grip of the fallen,
Mary Magdalene braved
The ardours track of the chosen!

Heedless to a heavenly
Crown at hand,
Judah hankered
For a monetary reward,
While giving attention
To soul's worth,
Mary Magdalene
Gave a red ca...

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Cruel manifestations of failed relations:

Emotional and physical eviscerations.

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Forgive me.

At 14 I fell into a pit of self pity and medication, 

Line after line the days blurred together,

Who have I become? 

How did I become so numb? 

Crimson red nostrils and bloodshot eyes, 

I thought I felt truly alive, 

It was all just lies, 

They looked at me with tears in their eyes and that's all it took to finally feel nothing. 

Young and restless,

My actions spoke loud...

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Also by Dalton Beston:

Time. | Self reflection. |

Higher love

As we get higher through the night 

The window to the bedroom lights the way

The sex gods and godesses apear 

They take ahold of us

As we rock back and fourth into the night

Stars shinning our way through 

Sexual fantasies end at a climax

Our body heat gradually gets cooler

Snores fill the air

Our bodies become a spoon

Our minds filled with love and happiness

So fa...

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Also by Malissa:

Risking Fantasies | Blame the trees... |


Your Absence

Your absence is as painful as this drought.

I try to listen for your voice in the wind.

All it carries is my undying love for you.

A spider spins a web in an abandoned house.

And I sit here,

Devising a plan to bring you back.

Without you,

My space is empty.

Gravity is nonexistent.

I look for you,

Like a dope fiend looks for his dealer.

Without your drug,

My se...

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Grief eases

When grief consumes completely, 
And tears cease only from exhaustion.
When life has stolen what you love,
And you droop like a flowers wilting deterioration.
Remind yourself, even though you cannot see it,
These wretched feelings are not your jail,
This will not forever be it.

You will again find laughter in life,
The beauty in the world, love and light.
Do not underestimate how hard t...

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Also by Sarah Hill:

Change | Where is sleep? |


Born to be Gene Wilder

entry picture


Born Jerome Silberman June 11 1933

A famous son from the city of Milwaukee

Looking for a life of adventure on the stage

Gene Wilder was the name to set you free

Debuted in Bonnie and Clyde in 67

Leo Bloomed in The Producers in 68

71 Willy Wonka for words we were at a loss

Learnt about sex in 72 as Dr. Doug Ross


As Jim The Waco Kid you lit the fire

In the year o...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

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spicetooth (08/20/2016)

I swallow teeth in a whiskey glass
locking eyes, silvery in the gloom
across the table, -- every table
of every cliche'd home adorned with Him
this plastic, fluid spectre
what blocks my view of another side
a world, I imagine, identical
in every way, if only perverse in subtle defect
noticed only up close
too close

such is the abjectivity of horror
a numb spike of excitemen...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

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parasite named me

routines made for me

I think I'm going down and I don't mean it as good as it sounds as in when you feel the Lightning shake as you hold your ground as in I'm feeling sick but I love my doubt can we all not judge actions and spend time laughing aloud 
But I won't even remember so what's the hype really about


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Also by Youthfullyxx:

feminism | painting colors of you | hope in the love of a boy | the ugly and the pretty make you beautiful | midnight show | empowered | individuality is something you're born with | people are difficult | tragedy set the alarm | scars that are made for new light | a different kind of love |

M A T C H S T I C K (revised)


“And to his rock be bound eternal; forever gifting man all that is infernal.
Bound by chain, suffering as the eagle’s meal; freedom bought by the one who shall steal.
Unto the eagle’s beak his blood be lash; to control he who shall become our man of ash.”

There is always blood flowing down Prometheus’ mountaintop. He who had delivered to human...

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The Beach

As I meander through familiar dunes

That undulate between beach and road,

The light of early sun flashes on undulating waves

In shivering salutation to May morning.

Distinctive, piercing tones of hovering herring gulls

Form a shrill counterpoint to sea’s susurration,

As waves break and retreat over silvered sandy foreshore.

Spiky marram grass sprouts haphazardly through sand ...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

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Growing Up

A colouring book becomes Facebook.
A tweet isn’t the sound from a bird.
Mobile devices hold us hostage
to high definition
when ambitions are blurred.
Light up trainers become stilettos
that shush insecurities
and tightly crush toes
,flashing in the strobe lights
of newly found adventure,
that makes us drunk on
possibilities and hope.
But dazzled by choice,
dazed by possibility,
we be...

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Also by Eva Elizabeth:

I Know why the Youngster Sings. |

adolesencechildhoodgrowing upparenthood

The Proposal(to the tune of "Bicycle made for two)



Downtown Jo-burg, in a small café,

Joe's proposing, he doesn't know what to say.

He stutters and then he stammers,

his heart is beating hammers.

At last his tongue becomes undone,

He says "Please will you wed me, May?"


May's ecstatic, she's clapping her hands with joy.

She can't believe it, married to Joe Malloy!

They're hugging and then they're ki...

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Inside A Steel Box

Here's a short poem I wrote recently:


Inside a steel box

walls, moving

towards their victim


There's no escape 

from the horror, locked up



take a breath.

give up.


Add your own poems to http://www.thetbank.com/submit/poetry

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Mirror cracked

In the mirror

I held a face

that held a face's stare,

In that mirror

the face that stared

stared back at me in fear...


I knew that once

I turned away

that we would meet again

that he would watch

the back of my head and

whisper once more my name.


words and foto  Tommy Carroll 

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Tycho (Deviationist Astronaut And The Zany Karmic Architect)

I'm rushing below the firmament in a submarine
Pulled up by balloons 
Rocket thrusters won't work in a vacuum
The torrid plasma liquid washes over the viewing screen
And the Hubble telescope cannot anywhere be seen
This periscope doesn't recognise the space handed to us it seems..

Am I floating beneath the epidermis of a prison planet scheme
I fear this is way beyond my theosophical steam

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Also by Suki Spangles:

The Vast Asterism Dawn | I Had To Write This Poem | Duty Of Care - Extreme Combat | In-Love Doggerel |

humorhumorous poetryhumourlyricspost-rock poetryscience fictionscience fiction poetrySuki Spanglessurreal poetry

Smile in Melancholy

Life slowly was like a mirage to her,
Gave her nothing but unrealistic hopes..
She didn’t fret,
She didn’t repent,
Nor had any guilt.
She was not a flower to wilt.
With all that pressure like a diamond under the earth,
Almost like a rebirth,
She was again built.
She was formed like a pearl in the oyster of the wild sea
She was meant to live, she was meant to be..

She was not a subject...

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Also by Sharvari:

Art of Positivity | Just Breathe | Aisle |


What matters in this life changes literally from day to day, minute to minute 

The bottom of a glass is peaceful

Don't judge and don't ask questions...


Walk in my shoes then tell me how to live my life..not that I would listen anyway.

I do the best I can .. nothing more nothing less....

Thank you to those who care and fuck those who don't... 

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Also by Robert Williams:

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Down, down, down. 

The fire girl is burning,

The smoke was once her dreams,

The higher that she got, the more we believed.

Her screams became weapons,

Made not for you or me.

But when a flame starts to grow, we all tend to see.

Her skin dripped and dropped,

In puddles all around,

Leaving us wondering what to do now.


Fire is dangerous, was drilled in our heads,


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Also by AmyLogan:

The Field We Now Know | Swan Song | The air that we breathe |

Mea Culpa


It had been betrayal
And I knew it
As I sat on the tavern stool

In the hollow
That had been my heart
Firebrands spluttered
And several
Disconcerted presences
Were writhing
From the unaccustomed light.

 Pat on cue
Sidled monsieur solliciteur
Purring of captivation
All of the intertwiningly enticing
Eve rousing Adam
Plea for a compassionate acquit...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Confiteor |


entry picture

(A re-post, but I dreamt about it again)


“Why don’t you leave your boots on?”

She said, as I walked through the door,

“There’s nothing to spoil in the kitchen;

There’s nothing to spoil on the floor”.

And later on in that evening

As I kissed her softly I said,

“Why don’t you leave your boots on?

There’s nothing to spoil on the bed”

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Also by John Coopey:


The Jaffa Cake Controversy

entry picture
Part One - Unforgivable
Beyond all rhyme and reason
Utterly beyond the pale
To be denounced in any season
A complete and utter FAIL
Eleven million watched in awe
Some driven to rage and shock
So many scarred by what they saw
But you can't turn back the clock
'Twas the graceless act of a savage
Of an ogre and a fool
Before he causes any more damage
Let's send him ba...

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Also by David Lindsay:

Oxymoronic | Murder On My Mind | From Whence We Came | Red Ink | The Life of a Bull |


Your toy

She spreads herself on bed taking out her best toy
She closes her eyes shut and thinks of her last time
Moments of loving care by her lover's sublime
With all the trusted soul and the orgasmic joy

She thinks of his hard cock when he enters inside
Thursting for her pleasure as he reaches the tips
Making her decompress through all the highs and dips
Exhaling all the stress as picks up the s...

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Also by Louis Audet:

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entry picture

It is oft quoted that tis better to have loved and lost, well you know the rest

What you don't hear is that the lost is going to put you to the ultimate test

Completely consuming every ounce of your heart, your sole, your world

Making it impossible to go on, move forward and regain a normal sense of self

All you want to do is disappear, hide away and stay in your bed all day

Sure yo...

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Mind Tides

The chemical seas wash you closer
and closer again to me
Those chemical seas ride you closer
and then closer again to me, to me

O, how I’ve held a part of my collective breath
kept a little air inside for your return
part of me; poised patiently
as your waves wash through my closing fingers

O, how I’ve quietly tended a small flame for you
landing lights aglow along this heart's runway

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Also by Tom:

A Little Place I Know... |


"The Homeless Man"

“The Homeless Man”


There's a homeless man on 5th and Broad

That no one knows except for God


People on that street just pass him by

Still the tattered old man never ask why


Yes ever morning from ten till noon

He lives his life to a simple tune


He tunes his guitar and begins to play

Hoping that money will come his way


He knows that others could lea...

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Also by Adam Franks:

A River Flows Through Us | The Fountain Of Youth | The Head Of The Wise | Nena The Cat | A Lost Friend |

down on your luck

ode to amy watson

in school you were a goddess to me

i dreamt of kissing your feet

you were the first girl to make me erupt

to coax out my seed

to transform a clueless boy in to one in tune with his body


but we never spoke


in college you were fading

the albatross of popularity sagged around your love bitten neck

the skirts became shorter to ensure the eyes remained fixed

while i...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

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A glass of pre-dinner wine cold and dry 

stove-top bubbling and sizzling.

I glance out my open window and see

fifteen magpies on the roofline behind the garden.

No – eighteen! And more.

That's a FLOCK of these quarrelsome birds!

I watch pairs often enough strutting about

mutually aloof

pecking at patches of moss, up-turning stones.

It's been an average month - lots of  ...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Families |

flight from the aerodome

I heard that only

heaven knows the lonely souls


anchored to earth in silence


while their words like

free bodies in motion

lift upward into civil air space

and flare then extinguish like floating embers

at contact with the electrified field

that guards human-breathable atmosphere..

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Also by nunya:

insidious | graduation party | meat eaters | CAGED | waters | nearness | wild | logocide |

Was this visitor " Peg"O"the Well?.

Many years ago I was fishing a tiny stream known as Bezza Brook,  it is situated just off Potters Lane in Samlesbury Lancashire it is a tributary of the River Ribble.  It was way after midnight and I was fishing for eels that had travelled upstream from the river, The night was very still and balmy and the only light I had was an old cycle lamp, this I used to lighthe up my rod tip to detect any b...

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Also by George lawson:

The way we were. Part 3 | The way we were. Part 2 | The way we were. Part 1 | Clogs and Shawls |

...but not so little boys...from my new collection MUMB


Shielded in a force field cacophony of Peter Griffin’s laughter and a baseline dirge

with LED’s set on level Epileptica

the giant slumbers; he does not open an eye.

Hidden amidst his landscape of tissues, Lynx and Lucozade;

this is where childhood comes to die.


There once was a hand held tightly to the shops,

there was once a cartoon hero and kite making,

then he was...

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Also by CathyLCrabb:

Adolencia- from my new collection MUMB | Encyclopaedophile- a nursery rhyme for the under 5's from my new collection Mumb | Kitchen Sink Philosophy - from my new collection about motherhood called 'Mumb' | Merle Gibson: Rose from the Dead |

#childhood #teenagers #death of childhood #motherh

Grow Tired Dreaming

entry picture

Grow Tired Dreaming


I’m so tired of listening

long gone

sad songs baby boo

Tear stain rain city

Isn’t it a pity that

sleeping my life

I reap what I sow

Grow tired dreaming

Stars in my eyes

Prise open the day

play that song again


Over and over


Over and over

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Shadows Tall

It's a beautiful day, the sun shines bright.

No wind does blow, not a cloud in sight.

The summer holidays are now in full flow.

4 weeks off school and still 2 more to go!


But something is missing, not quite there.

No sound of children's laughter to fill the air.

No splashing sounds of paddling pool fun.

No ice creams melting under the warm sun.


Because when I was ...

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the wordsmith

wild words he grasps

plucked from the air

thrust in the forge

he holds them there

 white with heat

as beat on beat

thought and perspiration meet

 quenched with ink

and fixed in lines

they once ran wild

but now combine

to tell tall tales

at hearts they tug

they soar and sail

and hate and love

hold a mirror

light the dark

tell the truth

make thei...

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My mind.

I try to revise these words in a way

that you can understand the infestation

in my minds imagination.

But, no matter what mutation

I give these words.

You'll never understand my minds configuration.

Behind my eyelids

are islands of violence.

I'm suspended in a timeless test

being tested by a ruthless examiner

that's best represented by my

depressing thou...

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Also by Jacob Binder:

Society. | The Feeling |


I don't remember exactly when they came
I don't know why they came or where they were before they arrived
They have been here before
They are all too familiar
They have settled in comfortably around my soul
Grey, cold, ambiguous
They bring gifts of self-loathing, fear, emptiness
They are elusive, fluid, always on the prowl
They slip thru the reason and logic of my mind
Free to wreak hav...

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Chambers of Death

Chambers of Death


     The duel,

Makes liars and cowards of each,

Sends us brave into quarrels bold of design,

     And it’s very perplexing but oh so fulfilling,

Killing the gospel, for shilling and fare,

     And we’re -

Daring the speak of the masculine soldier,

Not wanting neither the truth or the falsehood,

Battling the conscience for doubt or for ego;


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Also by Noetic-fret!:

A Violent Snub |

war ptsd

Nothing But Good

I love it when we sleep

all snuggled up like Babes in the Wood

a jumble of innocense

we are nothing but good.

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Also by Monica Winter:

Sorted (Haiku) |

love; sleep; snuggle; innocense; goodness

I'm a Prince.
I live in castles all over from here to Germany,
I don't get what I want always.
I get what I need, somehow.
I got what I deserved.
I do not share,
I'm very greedy.
I earned this?
I earned your disgusting trash love?

My kingdom as fallen like a feather,
Torn down by the evil gnomes hunating me.
I've ruined my density,
These gnomes turn into a demon at the flick...

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Also by Prince:

(untitled) | (untitled) | Oh so sorry |


Lonely Devil

I hear you screaming at me 

Haunting my good dreams 

While snuggling deep into my bad ones

If i ever had one 

I dont believe in dancing with the devil cause he got two left feet

Why dance for him when he could dance for me 

Play puppet with the weak minded 

Manipulation of the strong wheeled 

Till they roll down a hill 

Offering no brakes or breaks for that deal

You w...

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Also by Jay:

Walk Away | Dancing on the moon | A Queen She Is |

don't be hurtembrace


Are we not the sons

Of the destructive

Self defeating other ones

The ones who know

Who feel

Who think

Say a lot but never speak

Are we not the silent majority

Who do

But whose feelings are left behind


Imprisoned in a room of bars

But nothing to drink


After all we are taught to wave the fist

To take the initiative

To run the race

Take the ...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Retail parks | Your words |

You're the Captain

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. 
Don't panic.
Stay calm, or you're headed straight for failure.
Trust yourself.
Confidence is key when you're at the helm.
Take charge.
Be sure to find peace in this realm. 

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into my mindLifeMetaphorsailing

Save the Snails

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Also by Alison Jones:

Athletes |

If this was a movie

if this was a movie,

you would chase me down the street

begging me to forgive you

we were standing in the rain

looking into each other eyes'

and my pain would be washed away by your sincere smile

if this was a movie...if only this was a movie...



Feel free to follow me via my IG at >> https://www.instagram.com/poems_by_ayrene/

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Also by Ayrene:

sky at night | serene sea, lonely me | No more hope...No more faith... |

#love #romantic #relationship #sad

Love is......

Love is beauty,

Love is kind,

Love is another, that's on your mind.


Love is contentment,

Love it will flow,

Love is another, you long to know.


Love is a sacrifice, you knew you could make,

Love is the person, that lights up your day.


Love is the one that can make you laugh,

You're both fully aware, that neither can dance,

but you know when you're cold, ...

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My Serenity Prayer

They say
that every time
a bell rings
an angel
earns its wings.

It’s hard to believe
unless you have
a crazy faith.

But isn’t
it the
sweetest thing?

Most days
my crazy faith
says and prays
that every time
an ambulance sirens
they’re not out
dry runs.

But acting out
my own real
sweetest thing.

Which is
not resuscitating
your bad breath.

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View From Monarch's Hotel

The morning is a castle mist,

a grey paint, ghost shroud.

Last night I dreamt we were lovers,

I took pen, paper, sealed green bottle,

wise and smiling, sucking the nib;

now suddenly I'm hunting down cracks,

placing my fingers inside and pulling-

(you said these fissures were only

a minor concern...slants

in the skirting, warm with the fading

central heating).



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Also by David Blake:

Victory Hill 2050 |

2016 Works

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