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Staff Notice


Dear all
Please take this refresher advice as a friendly reminder
Of our protocol for calling in sick
Which is  

In the first instance call the shift supervisor
Inform them why you are unable to attend your shift
Be as clear as possible
The more information the better 
We don't need to hear a blues lyric
Only the truth
This information will of course remain confidential
And will only be passed on 
to the internal interested parties and relevant stake holders
As deemed appropriate

In addition to calling the shift supervisor
Please call the assistant manager on duty
Or leave a message with the manager 
If the assistant manager isn't on duty
Please note
If the manager is not in
Please do not leave a message on their answer phone
This is no longer acceptable
In point of fact it never ever was
Instead speak to the senior manager on duty
This is all part of our Duty of Care
To ensure we are able to do all we can
To encourage and assist with your well being
The assistant manager has been informed to escalate this chain accordingly

Please note that if you are adamant to call in unwell for your shift
We may call you at home
This is only to check on the progress of your recovery
This too is part of our Duty of Care
We may be able to offer you assistance and advice
On how you might be able to attend a later shift on the same day 
Affording you the opportunity to perform lighter duties
As part of our
Duty of Care

If you still insist on being unwell for the whole day
Please on your return fill in the Return to Work form
And bring it to a shift supervisor
Who will book a Back to Work Interview appointment with you
With your immediate line manager
Where you will be offered the opportunity to discuss your absence
With them
A member of occupational health might also attend
Should it be deemed appropriate
And of course a human resources adviser
Will be informed should there be any issues arising
That require a more tailored intervention and monitoring
This is all part of our Duty of Care

Please also bring your notes of your day's sickness
To your next six month review
This is to help you refresh your memory
Of your sickness
And we may discuss and go over the relevant factors 
This should take no more than half an hour
This is all part of our Duty of Care to you
While you remain an employee




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Stuart Bright

Mon 17th Oct 2016 14:19

I feel like this was taken from my works code of practises handbook, honesty what its like if we ever have to call in sick!

Thanks for the read


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