Walk Away

How cold can you be 

Shut a door with no handle on my side 

Shut me out like i just couldnt produce

Got me all me shaken like i seen my worse fear

But it is not on eight legs or a world without a sun 

A world without my sun

The light that brighten my days

The lips that enclose my pain

The ears that listen to my fortune 

The eyes that see my best

The curves that i drive down to get to my desires 

A open door now nothing on the other side

To show you that happines can be a ever lasting flame

Or just a flicker of a bic lighter

The last hit before you fade out 

Or the hit that got you there

But you are the future that i see through my eyes

The passion that erupts from my soul

Inspiration that pushes me through walls

Strength that lets me move mountains

Ill hear a bird sing 

Wish its beauty was on par

But you cant always get what you want 

So heres the key ring two keys

One to my heart the other one takes you that way

But when you leave that door 


Dont fall over me again 

Fall into happiness with someone that will try to pick you up and brush you off

Instead of wondering why you fell off onto them

Sorry i couldnt be him


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Lonely Devil ►



Sun 21st Oct 2018 16:51


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