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Growing Up

A colouring book becomes Facebook.
A tweet isn’t the sound from a bird.
Mobile devices hold us hostage
to high definition
when ambitions are blurred.
Light up trainers become stilettos
that shush insecurities
and tightly crush toes
,flashing in the strobe lights
of newly found adventure,
that makes us drunk on
possibilities and hope.
But dazzled by choice,
dazed by possibility,
we become lost in life’s kaleidoscope.
Where plasters
can’t heal heart breaks.
No “kiss it better”
can soothe mistakes.
Twinkle twinkle little star.
Nursery rhymes become
bass guitars
that rattle parents’ patience
with every beat,
every unmade sheet,
every stumble home late,
every bittersweet
sight of growing wings.
But we carry childhood with us,
a valuable antique,
the teddy bear that hoards dust
at the back of our shelves.
And our days are a game of hide and seek,
coming ready
or not
to find ourselves.


adolesencechildhoodgrowing upparenthood

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Eva Elizabeth

Sat 3rd Sep 2016 13:33

Thank you everyone! No Cynthia they were accidental...I had a few formatting issues!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 31st Aug 2016 11:23

An original idea with some fine lines. Great ending.

Are the comma placements on purpose?

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Trevor Alexander

Mon 29th Aug 2016 17:49

I can identify with some of this - maybe not the high heels though! Lovely, candid piece - I enjoyed it.

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Sarah Hill

Mon 29th Aug 2016 15:20

Delightful and honest. From childhood, through puberty to adulthood. Thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

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