Blame the trees...

Love brightens even more with the trees

My inner thoughts of you are translucent on my body

Every second with you feels like infinity 

Infinite beauty 

Infinite scares that you leave 

Anything is possible with you

When I get lost 

Your there to show me the way 

I hope this explains how much I love you

Sometimes your love puts me in a trance

Words are difficult 

Body language is key

Your fantasy blows my mind 

Why did I find that four leaf clover

Silk on silk

Love brighter than electricity 

If Shakespeare understands love...

I finally understand 

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 4th Aug 2016 16:26

Trees remind me of True Love
When they seem to seek the sky above,
Reaching for the unattainable
To show us why Love's unexplainable!

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