Encyclopaedophile- a nursery rhyme for the under 5's from my new collection Mumb


Some of the following people

are genuinely nice,

but some of them aren’t really

so please think twice-


Entertainers, DJ’s, doctors,

aunties, uncles, teachers, carers,

hands on, help outs always therers.


Lawyers, politicians, volunteers,

lefties, right wing, green and liberal,

great listeners, always available,


good with animals, people persons,

helpful when you need lifts,

very generous with gifts.


Just like a modern day father Christmas

gives to charity, has you round,

never caught out, won’t be found.


If they want to be your pal

really you should doubt it,

if they whisper a secret

then tell everyone about it.


Governers, PTA, police-

at the top of safe protection,

they’re in every single section


Fingers on lips, listen kids;

the world is sly and viscious.

You can say sorry later,

better to first be very suspicious.

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