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Higher love

As we get higher through the night 

The window to the bedroom lights the way

The sex gods and godesses apear 

They take ahold of us

As we rock back and fourth into the night

Stars shinning our way through 

Sexual fantasies end at a climax

Our body heat gradually gets cooler

Snores fill the air

Our bodies become a spoon

Our minds filled with love and happiness

So fa...

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Risking Fantasies

Every breathe is an orgasm

Risking our fantasies into reality 

Testing our limits 

Loving every second 

Concentrating on the tingle of every thrust

When I see you or look at you 

I feel trust and passion in every touch

Releasing of this tention is a mind and body sensation

The comfortable absence of talking 

The symphony of our moans 

Climaxing is too unbearable for u...

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Blame the trees...

Love brightens even more with the trees

My inner thoughts of you are translucent on my body

Every second with you feels like infinity 

Infinite beauty 

Infinite scares that you leave 

Anything is possible with you

When I get lost 

Your there to show me the way 

I hope this explains how much I love you

Sometimes your love puts me in a trance

Words are difficult 


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