Grief eases

When grief consumes completely, 
And tears cease only from exhaustion.
When life has stolen what you love,
And you droop like a flowers wilting deterioration.
Remind yourself, even though you cannot see it,
These wretched feelings are not your jail,
This will not forever be it.

You will again find laughter in life,
The beauty in the world, love and light.
Do not underestimate how hard this will be,
But your sadness will not last for eternity.
You will gain strength and life will change,
The world you once knew will never feel quite the same.

You will always miss them and never forget,
But you will learn to live and remember how to rest.
Give yourself time and don't rush how you feel,
Mending a broken heart takes time to heal.

Live for the ones torn from our lives,
Parents, siblings, children, friends, husbands and wives.
But live life the strongest for yourself,
Enjoy the world, family, friends and drink to good health. 

Weep when you need to, get angry without guilt,
Enjoy laughter when it comes and remember how it feels.
Happiness will return, slowly at first,
The pain will never truly leave but the utter sadness will disperse.
Life will return on a more even keel,
Your tears will dry and your heart will heal.



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Sun 4th Sep 2016 21:22

Thank you for sharing this if ever i needed to read it was now. I've just joined this site and this is second poem I've read.I lost my mum on 9th oct last year I had lived with mum 3 yrs as her carer. So you can imagine my world was turned upside down.Cut a long story short because of anxiety n low mood seeing a thearapist doing CBT to help.The line in your poem "weep when you need to,get angry without guilt" he said this to me this week to stop being hard on myself and cry if i need to scream its ok!
You've inspired me to write again thank you.?

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 31st Aug 2016 14:26

Agree with CBT.
Never fall a victim to self pity
Because another plays the shitty
Fool: instead adopt a manner gritty
And seek someone who's kind and witty!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 31st Aug 2016 10:39

A gathering together of some very fine thoughts with an excellent message. The final stanza resonates strongly.

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