A Queen She Is

Dont think i dont watch you from a distance and dream what is

or look from up close to see whats a far

No rock no stone shall be over turned 

For this queen has earned her turn

Fall down trust me to catch you and hold you tight

When you have nothing left i wil tell you its alright 

A face as warm as the sun with a deamonr like ice

Or maybe a spirit free like the winds on a kite

Over here my love i have the crown ready

Maybe its near this beautiful wedding

A childs laugh and a fathers last farewell

The journey of pain they all no so well

Stad here next to me ready to vouch for me 

Even though i see the shakes in your knees

Your beautiful your smile ignites my spirit 

Its only getting better as you see my face

I bestow it to you my heart wear it as a crown use my arms as your shroud and my love as a coat

ill never leave you there again 

in that dark place waiting for when 

Where could i go without the 

But i cant just go chasing invisible feet

Missing her

Dancing on the moon ►



Sun 21st Oct 2018 16:57

A face as warm as the sun with a demeanor like ice... mmm I feel that.❤

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