...but not so little boys...from my new collection MUMB


Shielded in a force field cacophony of Peter Griffin’s laughter and a baseline dirge

with LED’s set on level Epileptica

the giant slumbers; he does not open an eye.

Hidden amidst his landscape of tissues, Lynx and Lucozade;

this is where childhood comes to die.


There once was a hand held tightly to the shops,

there was once a cartoon hero and kite making,

then he was transformed into something strange you dare not disturb;

this is where the story is set at a higher rating.


Emerging from two hours in water- proving she floats-

she slithers past in a gothic slick of raven hair and bone china,

resembling the girl from The Ring, but less approachable;

this is the annihilation of a minor.


Nails like daggers stab at shoes she desires online,

she didn’t ask to be born, but since you brought her into this hell

she will terrorise your psyche until she is provided for;

this is where a child’s magic becomes a witch’s spell


In the mum scrum of dogs and kitten and cushions

I dream that one day we’ll again be together,

free from the curse and far from the dungeons;

because dragons you see, they last forever…

#childhood #teenagers #death of childhood #motherh

◄ Adolencia- from my new collection MUMB

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Cathy Crabb

Thu 25th Aug 2016 16:01

Thank you Ray!

I need to get into the habit of posting back on people's pages and not on my own, I know.

Ear plugs Ray, it's the way to peace in this world xx

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Thu 25th Aug 2016 15:43

Great stuff Cathy. I think Child's magic to a witch's spell is pivotal and powerful. Level epileptic also. The whole poem glows with mature and painful observation. Next door we are bracing for the through the wall equivalent but a brood of tiny tots!!


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Cathy Crabb

Thu 25th Aug 2016 15:35

Thanks Colin! It's not the first time I have mourned a childhood passing, but it will be the last. And I weren't that keen on my own passing either!

My husband forgot himself and went to tickle my daughter recently- the air was prickly, it was hilarious.

Yes it will pass, but will we ever be able to pick them up again?!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Thu 25th Aug 2016 15:18

Had to smile - grin and bear it and don't argue back for teenager's are always right and we've all been there to one degree or another - sometimes it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry but it will pass and you will be together again. Thanks for posting Cathy, I enjoyed reading. I have the boy version happening right now.

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