From Whence We Came

We're going back from whence we came
Answering her ancient call
It's almost as if she whispers our name
That she knows and owns us all
Salt in the blood still proves the link
Urging hearts to soar, brains to think
Salt in the blood
Salt in the blood
We admire her with breath and ink
We're going back from whence we came
She beckons us there, somehow
Leaving only questions, no trace of blame
Does she wonder at my clammy brow?
Salt in our sweat as we work and play
She watches o'er us night and day
Salt in our sweat
Salt in our sweat
We hear her calling and we obey
We're going back from whence we came
When we sail or watch her wave
She's our greatest mother and a grand old dame
Revered by the shellbacks brave
Salt in our tears when the world gets rough
She's there to listen when life is tough
Salt in our tears
Salt in our tears
Always there, mothering, just enough


A "Trijan Refrain" using this quote by JFK as a prompt: 


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David Lindsay

Fri 12th Aug 2016 17:22

Thanks Harry - here's the link to the form, if it's of any use?

Was interesting giving it a try and might do so again. Maybe the next one will be about "toil" to make up for the absence here?!

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 9th Aug 2016 21:24

I`d not come across this form before...I see that you have used line fives and the repetitions for the human localities of salt (the form seems to have some good possibilities...maybe as a less complex way (than the villanelle perhaps) of stressing the theme)

Mind (thinking of that famous Churchill speech) it could be a good idea to get toil in there as a fourth.

Good to see some (illustrated) formal stuff on here.

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