A Violent Snub

I know music with prose is not everyones cup of tea. But I do hope you give it a go. 

A Violent Snub


You believe in God do you?

And state that all existence is down to karma,

In your eyes, if you are the recipient of bad luck,

It is Karma. 

For the child that had his face torn open

By a Machette in Rwanda, It is karma.

For the refugees of Iraq that cannot scream for dehydration,

It is karma,

For the child that has been hung by the Taliban in Afghanistan

For talking to Nato soldiers, it is karma, 

For the family of the child bride killed by her paedophile husband

In Yemen, it is karma. So you say. 

In your self righteous stance, you state Hell is for sinners,

A place no mercy is shown for those who break your man made laws,


What is this place here and now, where innocent children are raped,

Maimed and Murdered before they have lived?

Is it Karma?

Do you have no intellect to be able to reason through -

This place be worse than the hell you all fear?

In truth, there be no God worthy of Man,

No Devil too. 

But man himself be not worthy of the gift of life, if all he wants,

Is to kill all he has created. 

Our only light in all this darkness, 

Will continue to be snubbed so violently,

While we cling to beliefs written before us,

Beliefs in deities not fit for Earth. 

Grow up Men, Women,

Grow up and let your children see it through, 

Do not place faith in make believe,

Belief that has your children killing too. 

Michael J Waite 6th August 2016.

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Mon 12th Sep 2016 22:36

thank you both for your kind comments. I try, as we all do.

Stay creative!


The 19th Floor

Wed 10th Aug 2016 21:40

Inspired.... May just give it a go...

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