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Lonely Devil

I hear you screaming at me 

Haunting my good dreams 

While snuggling deep into my bad ones

If i ever had one 

I dont believe in dancing with the devil cause he got two left feet

Why dance for him when he could dance for me 

Play puppet with the weak minded 

Manipulation of the strong wheeled 

Till they roll down a hill 

Offering no brakes or breaks for that deal

You wanna dance with this devil then you gotta have some rhythm 

Show me your passion and whose the villian 

Put a bullet to the story teller head 

And when i turn the pages i wanna see them all read

Its a hamlet on a dictionary or a play on words 

For you pully Einsteins simple minded people 

A deaf man could hear vibrations 

Blind men can see the devils temptation 

But me i use all senses to see him burn an weap 

You cant say he is me and i cant see he is in you 

Just know some get dragged down 

Fall into thier minds 

Looking for some head 

Cause they lost they mind 

Am i rude do i really care about you i cant speak on my feelings but if you know me then listen

Cause the devil gets lonely too 


don't be hurtembrace

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Sun 21st Oct 2018 16:47

amazing. " why dance for him, when he can dance for me"
I love that.

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