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Mind Tides

The chemical seas wash you closer
and closer again to me
Those chemical seas ride you closer
and then closer again to me, to me

O, how I’ve held a part of my collective breath
kept a little air inside for your return
part of me; poised patiently
as your waves wash through my closing fingers

O, how I’ve quietly tended a small flame for you
landing lights aglow along this heart's runway
expectantly; for your descent to me
as your sands sieve through my closing fingers

The chemical seas wash you past my port
pulling you away from me
the chemical seas strip you of decency
drawing you away from me

The restless movement of the moon
caught in my saucer eyes
the restless longing of the moon
a wet silver on your photographs

You see me still recoiling 
in the wave of hurt that levelled me
and just as I see you
so the tide turns
and just as I reach out for you
so your mind turns

And you’re gone again, for good…


(May 2016, NHT)


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