Tycho (Deviationist Astronaut And The Zany Karmic Architect)

I'm rushing below the firmament in a submarine
Pulled up by balloons 
Rocket thrusters won't work in a vacuum
The torrid plasma liquid washes over the viewing screen
And the Hubble telescope cannot anywhere be seen
This periscope doesn't recognise the space handed to us it seems..

Am I floating beneath the epidermis of a prison planet scheme
I fear this is way beyond my theosophical steam
So how to define the omniscient dream
And space isn't so black
Its spectrum spans luminescent green to cream..

So what animates the animation
Is our reality externally generated and framed
Perhaps our earth is only a splash of an atomic spark
inside a vast stellar game
Are we merely holographic entrapped imaginings
Programmed by the zany karmic architect with cosmogryal game
Or maybe I have too much non linear time on my hands again
Deja vu circles around as once again
Time spirals on the helter skelter curves 
Snakes and ladders arc on zig-zags..
And whatever..

A tractor beam from the moon pulls and parks me in
The indigo oceans crash and swirl below the glassy domes
For some lucky souls this is home
The helium-3 propellant firing down sloshes through the fins
The crazy nightclubs below flash and sparkle 
A typical Saturday night then..
                                                  in the downtown crater Tycho..

Will I meet a moonmaid offering an immersive beer
I'm a lonesome deviationist space astronaut submariner
Touching down with a smile and a tear
And if it's five hundred lunars for a praying mantis lap dance
Sorry but I'm outta here..

Who built the moon
Optics present crescent spaghettify
Absinthe cigars Ganymede elves and rye
I float when I float and flop as I fly
Soon in the groove you'll be fine
So promise me you'll try it sometime..

The gravity chambers slishslosh beguiling hues of bottle sea blue
The bar chairs are of the nymph empath's euphoric crystal
I sup and wind down
Take in the view..

What is that
I'm stopped dead in my tracks..

I spy other moonmaids weeping in a distant pool viewing their news
And I feel I'm about to somersault into..into..
Because I can never..
I conceive I am about to know 
I never knew...

So what would you do
If you happen upon umpteen moonmaids weeping at their news
Would you just carry on drinking an immersive beer
So I will slip away 
Well I have to
I must intrepidly peer inside their limpid galley
Carefully foot-fall-floating quietly near..

Some moonmaids gazing inwardly seem hushed
Others shed tears
One somehow sensing my presence turns around
Churning over goodness knows what thoughts profound
Instilling transference into my mind
How did you arrive here
Oh by typical balloon spaceship submarine
How did you appear here
I turn to point to the bar behind me now gone disappeared
I can't even find the entrance slipped through only moments before
Behind me now is a gossamer silken turquoise shimmering waterfall
Yeah okay hmm
The weekend starts here I guess..

From here on in things I fear 
will veer ever looping vectors of weird..

Swimming over this moonmaid now steers me to her viewing dock
Floating 4d immersive screens enveloping us all
She is explaining how each screen is a human soul
I myself am utterly goggle-transfixed
Depth charged into the shimmering truth arranged
The moonmaids are gazing through souls
Then tens of thousands more..
The screens within screens within screens
Almost as if every soul...

The root of the every water drop
Every incarnate consciousness
The The
As threading through the you of you
She plunges me through the screens 
Trip wired
The minds fling a torrential heart-rending choir
A multitude of beings simultaneous per second per second
Imploding I cannot breathe..

As the tree
Through every vein of every leaf
Coursing through the living screens
I a crash test dummy colliding with Dream..

She pulls my head away
I gasp for air
Have you eaten
Well I had an immersive beer..
With that she slams my head back into the 4d..

Where am I
I am a..
A terrified child
I'm experiencing the life
and thoughts of a terrified and sobbing child
I'm bleeding against a wall
Something fell inside me hurts

A man a few feet away from me is firing a machine gun
He is shouting something at me
But I don't understand..

Booms bangs smoke
                        Above I see a drone
                                      I cannot move..

The city around me is rubble and burning
I feel my head I see blood
Where's my mother
I don't understand..

My eyes..I cannot see
I cannot see..

Where's my mother
Why has she left me..
Where is she...

Can't she hear me..

Where is my mother..
Please let her be okay..

I am thrown into the air
I am really scared now

I feel strange 
I feel..like I am sleeping now..

The moonmaid pulls me out the screen
Just as this child folds over 
Thus this one screen within the others folds over
Folding over just broken I blank out..

Silence in the galley
Arias of silence 
Delivered by moon sirens..

I come to
But I now see no longer 
And I am no longer an I 
Bereft in a veiled vast space
Some kind of another place
Ultra dimensional nothing
Night teems off night
Peeling layers slip outside of time in full eclipse

A drop of light sense infuses 
Flashing a beam through this glimmering fabric
Waves waves and pulsation waves
The hum-drum totality
Of a different octave..
 - Am I experiencing a dead imagination

And a fresh new raindrop splashes 
Vibrates on an orchid leaf..then gone..
 - No

I'm back..
Floating on the gentle waves
Of the shimmering waterfall
The moonmaid is sitting on a rock above me
Gazing intently through the screens
The screens within screens within screens within screens..

I will lie here still for a very long while.....

She turns her gaze toward me
More elusive than ever
...in another lifetime...she whispers..
I have no time to ask
She is leaning over now
And now she is pressing a finger through the middle of my forehead...

The heart of all matter
The sand flow of neutron stars
A birth..

I see myself now walking against the flow of the waterfall
Held in her rapt trillion light year eyes..

Now I see myself 
Floating above myself in the bar
Yet I'm still prone
Held in her gaze
As she floats above me..  
I'm  floating above me..
Oh man..

Now on a slow dive landing
I turn around
And the waterfall is pulling away
And she is now fading into air with the other moonmaids
Slowly turning away from me
She is whispering
Don't return....until we meet again..
             until we meet again..never return..
    ..until we return..we will never meet again..


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