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a mighty win

fear is the grandest of fear
fear is the grandest of a mighty winner
a winner is a mighty winner
a winner is a grandest winner
grand is grandest of fear
grand is grandest of a winner
a win is a mighty win

a win is a grand win
knowledge is power
knowledge is a grand power
knowledge is a mighty power
a win is within a win
a win is within fear
a win is within knowledge

a win is with...

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Part of us

Something speaks from beyond 

Something writhes alive

In each of us

Something pulls and breathes

Beyond our touch 

They call it instinct

But it is magically distinct 

And can lead, lead, lead 

To something in your core

They call it power of the brain 

But it’s so much more 

It cannot be explained away 

It cannot be spoken out of existence 

They call it the mi...

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knowledge is a impact power

knowledge is a impact power
the impact of a power is a impact of knowledge
the mighty is the impact of the mighty
a mighty impact is a mighty knowledge
the mighty is the almighty of a impact
power within,power within a impact
knowledge is a power of impact

within power is within a impact
wisdom is wisdom impact power
wisdom is within a impact power
the power of knowledge is the impact ...

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Path of Tears

A single tear or multitude, what do they mean? Do they serve a purpose? no reason can be seen. A tear drop is so small but expresses emotions from deep inside, Of which most women are in touch with, while men run and hide. So who is the stronger sex, one that shows her true passion, Or he who holds it back in some macho fashion. I was there for many years, more of a man if I did not ...

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Our energies intertwined 

patiently waiting for that moment of ascension

When our two souls merge into one 

An attraction that’s beyond the physical 

Your very essence entices me 

The goodness within you knows no bounds

Your heart drips liquid gold

Encased in a rich chocolate package 

Only time will tell if the symmetry of your heart matches mine perfectly!

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Watch Who & What In Your Life You Allow.

[ ] See the red flags and watch who & what in your life you allow.

[ ] A smile can be a frown upside down.

[ ] The energy vampires brings what appears as holy water only to watch you drown.

[ ] They see your King/Queen royalty & they want your crown.

[ ] You may not see them peeping, lurking, spying, but they're around.

[ ] They're studying you lowkey up & down, hair folli...

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Will you raise your voice for the oppressed

Will you demand Governmental redress

Will you speak on things that truly matter

Will you allow this illusion to truly shatter

Will you plant the seeds in the ears of youth

So they can discover the yield of truth

Will you speak up Will you scream

Will you have faith Will you dream

Will you turn up your volume for the silenced


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Willfree willtruthliesyouthfaithdreamGodoppressionbraveryknowledgejusticeGod willing


Ignorance is the deceiver of all men

The fate of which can come close to death

As though not knowing gravity exists will prevent you from falling

Nor that laws set in place will keep you out of prison


Ignorance is a dangerous mistress

It lures you in only to leave you stranded

It will strip you of your independence

Leave you bare for all to ridicule


Knowledge, how...

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Paragons of Virtue

Ujjal Mandal, Ganguria, India, WB

The beings bend their head down
Whose head wears the golden crown
Like the trees full of  salubrious fruits
Do, is called the paragons of virtue.

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To know

you don't know

is a gift.

To think you know

when you don't 

is a disease.


To know you are diseased

is a gift

that allows you

to lift yourself

into health.


- Jim Teeters from Because of This

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Wisdomtao te chingknowledgeadvice

Bring Back the Pin Up

I was a sexual woman

I was…

Until my consent and its importance,

I was robbed of.

This is the year where-

I rediscover her

In my coven

Friend to friend

My witchy woman tell me how to be-

A proud feminine,

Love bug again

I know, I know!

I will observe you in your glory

Take notes, mimic my old self and copy-

My memory

When i was classy, polite and dressy...

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Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn

I looked into those eyes

I felt home,


When your voice leaves your lips,

I wanted to hush them with a-


Invite you to my hotel to write

Gaze at your profile and that perfect jawline,

Trace your hands with a gentle touch,

Confess my love.

But, I pretend I am just a fan.

I await your arrival

Year after year,

Like a loyal dog.


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The choice 

Translation of my Arabic Poem (“The Choice”) 

Who, in the World, chooses his birth? 
Who chooses his family and children? 
Who chooses his fate and country? 
Who chooses the time to go to heaven? 

But it is possible to choose our day 
To sincerely care about family and work 
This will be the first right step to our future 
To achieve our goals while we're alive 

Your name and countr...

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Nobody knows everything

But we should know what we do

Books are there for reading

And courses there to go


Don't say:"I know enough"

Your brain, sure, will freeze

Don't let someone to laugh

If you meet someone who knows


That the rule of good knowledge

Learn what you really need

The knowledge has a good bridge

To cross it, you must read

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KnowledgeNobodyknoweverythingbooksreadingcoursesto goto dosay enoughbrainsurefreezeletsomeonelaughmeetwhorulegoodlearnwhatreallyneedbridgecross


If you learn from the past 
Improving your future 
Then you'll achieve the goal 
And reach it safely faster 

Pay an attention to move 
Know the direction to go 
Have time to Improve 
Act well, not only "show" 

Earn your people' regard 
And don't cross the fence 
Know the value of the word 
Now you've got confidence 

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How do you know?

How do you know if time is being wasted?

Drifting so far away from the honesty that the honesty becomes a lie,

How do you know if it's what's meant to be, if im with you and he's not with me?

They say time you enjoy wasting, isn't wasted time,

But does that apply when you've got your enjoyment, and I've lost mine?


How do you know what's meant to be?

I'm with you, and he's no...

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timelovehappinessconfusionknowledgeuncertaintyreal life

reflection reminscing

My emotions pouring out

My head lost in the clouds

But my body seemed to drown

I look at whats around

Your nowhere to be found

Whos problem is it now

Somehow I feel proud

I got sober

When we were over

And yet you still use

I feel like I was used

When the money ran out

Cheating came from the muse

Yet I stayed amused

I ignored the clues

My emotions are my...

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Dining on knowledge

I dined on a feast of knowledge.

For the first course i took everything 

That was fed to me.

For the second course i chewed over

What had been digested.

For the third course i mulled over

What was important in my life.

For the fourth course

I reflected and felt replete.

For dessert,  I left that on the plate

Until i could decide on the next course.

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The City Shadowed

This poem is about growing old.


The City Shadowed


I cannot remember my name. And

where I came from. Or when I came here.

I am not from this place, this city, and

its silent people, its pale-vaulted sky,

its black shadow silhouettes

flickering lightly across blank walls.


Here the bar staff talk in lilting Irish

cadences, and look straight through you

as ...

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Burning Fire

The candle will always stay lit

From where my love is everlasting

The fire gets hotter as my chills grow smaller

From where life continues I'm ready to go harder

For what I want and live for and love

Because I love you and nothing can change that

The love that is greater to where the everlasting love will be infinite

The joy and smiles you bring to my face

Brights up a whol...

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Now She Knows

This desire we've searched to reach, The feeling of euphoria isn't matched by another Even these words don't seem worthy of its worth With you in my earth, everything seems plausible, Like the globe is finally in my hand instead of resting upon my shoulders, Each day gets better with no intention of letting her go My calling to construct this picture unpainted like before, Just so she can ...

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To Unknow is to Dream

Hey friends


 My latest entry was inspired by a debate I had with some friends recently.The basic principle of this was the theory that you would be happier uneducated than if you knew everything. The theory that Ignorance is bliss.


 So enjoy the poem and if you would like to comment your thoughts on the subject then please do.


To Unknow is to dream

Knowledge i...

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Beholder's Eyes

Take a look into my eyes,
And maybe we will find
that between you and me
It's the way that love should be.

She told me I had beautiful eyes
her heart said friends
and her mouth did too...
and my mind's confused now I'm not with you.

See I can be the best friend that I have been for years
or I can be the guy that can hold you near.
But I can't be this.

You s...

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