Will you raise your voice for the oppressed

Will you demand Governmental redress

Will you speak on things that truly matter

Will you allow this illusion to truly shatter

Will you plant the seeds in the ears of youth

So they can discover the yield of truth

Will you speak up Will you scream

Will you have faith Will you dream

Will you turn up your volume for the silenced

Will you condemn the injustice done by tyrants

Will you change the world for the greater good

Will the wrong turns, be understood

Will you be brave and defiant in truth

Will you seek knowledge with no boundary or roof

Will you wage peace as they wage a war

Will you have courage, like never before

Will trickery, deceit and lies be finally vanquished

Will the scales of justice no longer be languished

God willing I will this, for these are not questions

Just commands, words and spells, and so many lessons 

Not asking, just willing, with the purest intention

Preparing humanity for the grand ascension.

braverydreamfaithfree willGodGod willingjusticeknowledgeliesoppressiontruthWillyouth

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trevor homer

Wed 28th Oct 2020 20:17

I will.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 28th Oct 2020 08:11

Some great sentiments expressed in rhyme
People are waking, but it takes time
Life long convictions along party lines
Our governments would not lie... Not his time!
This is serious, people are dying.

Tinfoil hat brigade they are just nutters... right?
Conspiracy buffs, without a clue
not the experts, like me and you.

BBC and Sky news always tell the truth

Do they fuck!
I honestly worry about our youth.

Hey! You must not sware, think of the kids!
I am trying to prise open more sleepy lids

If ever there was something worth swearing about
It is the lies about Covid without any doubt.

Great Job Connie.

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