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Not Noticed by Zakiya Johnson

Who notices the beautiful flower

No one does because she is broken

But now awoken she notices

No one seems to leave a care

Leave a care for one who's broken

And just out there

She is scared

She will fade soon and no one will hear...

The words that's spoken

From underneath the girl thats broken

Rainy dream, she tries to breath

Damp, dry, air that's cold

Watch her...

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Deep Sea by Zakiya Johnson

Look above the clouds
Trying to find
What's even there
A soul that's all alone
You see her crying 
Tears of a bipolar sunshine
Never know what to do
Tears that was never mine
You said you were okay
But you really were lost
Lost beneath a sea
With a mind above thee
Searching on top of the clouds
Trying to find thy sun
Sunken beneath the sea
Help me I can't breath
I see streaks of li...

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Broken People by Zakiya Johnson

This world is crap and I don't know how to deal with
The people living on it
There is no way to make a change when every time you try
There is a gun or trap aiming at you waiting for you to die
I can't get anywhere for it to be a safe place
The world is always filled with hate
The world is always filled with betrayal
The world is fake
And along with a lot of people that are on it
Life can...

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i'm okay

There are people in me that you don't even understand


There is way too many to define

Are you okay they always say

I'm okay I always say but really

I'm not going through a phase as y'all always say

My life is a disgrace

I can't fix my face

And my mask will always label I'm okay

I can't tell you how I feel

Because all you do is spill

And there ...

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Burning Fire

The candle will always stay lit

From where my love is everlasting

The fire gets hotter as my chills grow smaller

From where life continues I'm ready to go harder

For what I want and live for and love

Because I love you and nothing can change that

The love that is greater to where the everlasting love will be infinite

The joy and smiles you bring to my face

Brights up a whol...

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I need a box to put my life in

But there is no room

Why can't I just have space

To live my own life

To where that human

Can breathe the breathing air to which shall be breathed

Age does not matter

But the fact of growth

Growth to where I want to grow tall

I'm jealous of bigger boxes

My box is too small

I can't grow to a point where meaning thy thee

I grow nude


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The flow does not like the sun

The flower has a best friend

That does not like the sun

The flower thinks everything will be good

Because the flow does not want to lose its partner

If love for the sun is so strong

The burning heat will last

But the fact your own friend won't except the light

And decides to sit in the cold and not grow

Love can show but not in a childish manner

To where civilized manner...

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Stolen Sleep

The Fact of no naps no snaps or snap backs

To wake you up from the fact you were never sleep

Can't sleep for the time you weep but seep

Into the fact that you can't sleep

Wanting to have dreams and past a test with ease

But I can't sleep

There has been a robbery where sleep doesn't reflect on eat

From the fact eat didn't take care of sleep

To where somebody has stolen eat a...

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internal strugglelifenosleepsleep

Walk! Man i'm still crawling by Zakiya Johnson

Walk up the stairs,

You fall down one case nobody seems to care

keep crawling



pools of blood

Ow Ow Ow

Hurts like walking on knives

Can get back up through all the hard times

Try! Try! Try! Try! Try!

Black night

I can’t see I need to

turn on the light

open yourself to a better life

start and finish your resolution

find a solution

pow! po...

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I fell in love with... by Zakiya Johnson



YOU said we will last forever

YOU said the line will never cut short



I fell in love with a liar

I still have the letter

YOU told me you loved me

YOU said you will always be there for me


I fell in love with a UNTRUSTWORTHY person

YOU decide to spread my secrets

YOU decide to leave me by myself


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Solo by Zakiya Johnson


Roar loud like you are the queen of the jungle

Amaze minds like you are a magician

Stand tall like your the best


Ure solitude

One for all and all for one

Take the mic like it’s your possession

Like the mic is your car that will take you to your destination


Enjoy your cheers

Disinclude the laughter

Because you are the one going after your d...

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Life by Zakiya Johnson

From the time of the crisis

Where this is amazing

Where rain is pouring

When the sun is shining

Buckets of dreams

And dreams that would never happen

When thought that no effort

Nothing can happen

But the love of doing

Has got you through the rain and kept still

With the sun shining

It could be amazing

Maby a worst disaster

But it seems

Everything that come...

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