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She is cursed to always crave

master to the slave

bloodstone to the master

cradle to the grave


He guards his wicked treasure

twilight to the dawn

with a selfishness so absolute

sharing with no one


A drop or two won’t satiate




It leaves her empty, unfulfilled

left to wonder moonlit fields

barren plains of a love gone wrong

a ...

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If you learn from the past 
Improving your future 
Then you'll achieve the goal 
And reach it safely faster 

Pay an attention to move 
Know the direction to go 
Have time to Improve 
Act well, not only "show" 

Earn your people' regard 
And don't cross the fence 
Know the value of the word 
Now you've got confidence 

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The Illusionist

It seems that the old-time "magic show" is experiencing something of a renaissance, especially in the visual mass media. Even so, I doubt its fundamental attraction will alter one iota. The gap between acclaim and scorn is still wafer-thin.


The Illusionist


Pay attention, dear reader, and I'll weave a magic vein,

where rabbits live in top hats and assistants float in air,


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